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Water Leak Solutions for Building

Water leak detector solution for lift pitch

Commercial and public buildings have many sensitive areas around the infrastructure such as air conditioning system, pantries, fire water pipes, windows, ceiling, server rooms in offices and others. These are prominent leak sources in a building that needs your attention. When the leakage goes unnoticed and comes in contact with the electric wires around the building, it might cause financial losses, and there is a risk to life as well. 

Therefore, it is advisable for the building owners to install ware leak detection solutions within the premises and leak-prone areas to get an alarming notification in case of leakage occurrence. Some of the common buildings where such solutions are recommended include offices, storage, museums, libraries, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, archive areas and others. 

Water leak detection for server rooms and offices quite essential, and leak detection system UAE is quite essential to be integrated within the room and building to prevent technical breakdowns due to liquid leakage problems. All commercial and public buildings are now being integrated with such water leak detection solutions.

Why Water Leak Detection System Needed For Buildings?

Water proves itself as a destructive element when it is not channelized and controlled accordingly. For all the property owners, water leakage damage is one of the biggest problems of all time. Whether you run an office or live in a public building, water leakage damage is inevitable. 

Therefore, the use of water leak detection systems for buildings is quite essential now. There are spot sensors, cable and probes designated for identifying water leakage. The cables are connected to a control panel to which the information is passed once the cables detect water. There can be settings integrated into the control panel for stopping the water flow, raise the alarm or do both. 

Water leakage detection systems can be of either single zone or multi-zone based on the monitoring areas. Therefore, consider the size of your building and the leak-prone areas within it to get your water leak detection system installed right away! 

Some of the common applications of single-zone water leak detection systems are UPS storage areas, small or medium-sized server room, pipe works, water tanks, etc. Similarly, the multi-zone water leak detection systems can be used in archive rooms, computer rooms, comms rooms, boiler houses, plant rooms, electrical switch rooms and others.

Water leak detection for museums, libraries, and archive areas.

How CtrlTech Offer Water Leak Solution For Building?

CtrlTech is destined to offer ideal water leak detection systems to the building owners to help them prevent massive loss conditions. CtrlTech has proposed a specific procedure to commence with the installation job. The process includes:

  • Firstly, the team will visit the building to check on the leak-prone areas. For better understanding, the site map will be essential. 
  • Now, the system will be designed by ideal consideration of building’s requirement.
  • Once designed, the technical details will be passed on to the representative person, and a price quote will be given. 
  • The installation process will commence with proper testing and commissioning. 
  • After the installation is done, warranty and annual maintenance schedules will also be explained.