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Water leak detection system for server room

water leak detector for server room & Datacenter

Today almost every Business is going Digital. All of this Data is stored in weather-proof Server rooms. These Server rooms contain Data worth billions of dollars. But every year, data worth millions is lost due to certain incidents resulting in a major setback for Businesses. 

So it becomes critical to protect these server rooms with water leak detection system from any incident that can damage the servers, resulting in unimaginable financial loss. Water leak and water damage are some of the top issues that result in Server damages. Hence, water leak prevention is one of the most critical tasks.

Industrial water leak detection system from Ctrltech can help you prevent this financially expensive data-loss at affordable rates. These autonomous systems are designed to detect even the slightest water leakage and raise the alarm. Such an early water leakage detection system can make the preventive maintenance task easy.

Why a water leak detection system needed for a server room?

Server rooms and data centre stores business-critical data for Businesses. Any water damage to them might lead to unimaginable financial losses to the Businesses. Water leaking from pipelines, HVAC, drainage or underground water can result in a complete Business disruption. 

Various reports suggest that more than 40% of Businesses never recover from such data losses, resulting in shutting down. Fortunately,  CtrlTech’s water leak detection system can help protect these areas.

Which type of Water leak detection system should be used in Server rooms?

Water leak detection systems are basically of two types, Zone leak detection system or Distance-read detection system.

If the size of the Data centre of the Server room is small, Zone leak detection system is good. As there is a small area to cover, the leak can be easily identified once the alarm is raised. 

But if the size of the Data Centre or Server room is large, it is advisable to Distance-read leak detection system. The Distance-read leak detection system pinpoints the exact location of the leak.

What features should a water-leak detection system in a Sever room have?

It is vital to monitor Server-rooms for any water leak. So any Water leal detection system in Server room should have the facility to monitor the leak over the Web. This eliminates the need for employing manpower to supervise the room and help save money. The system should also have the facility to monitor any leakage from the central Building Management System).

Such an efficient system can help prevent any major incidence in the Server-room that might lead to enormous losses to the Businesses.

CtrlTech is the top leak detection company and offers a highly accurate, robust and dependable Water leak detection system for server rooms. Our systems are fully customized to suit the specific needs of any business.

Water leak detection systems are installed in every corner of the server-room. Depending on the need, we offer two types of Leak detection systems.

Water leak detection system for data center price in Dubai

Type of Sensor used in Server-room Water leak detection system:

1. Sensing cable:

This cable contains multiple conducting wires that carry minute current. They are generally used in Distance read system where the detection panel pinpoints the exact location of a leak.

2. Probe sensor:

These sensing probes are used when the water leakage has to be detected at a certain point. The probe sensor is pointed towards that point, and when the water is detected, it raises the alarm, alerting others.

How CtrlTech offer a water leak detection for datacenter?

We have wide-ranging experience in offering world-class Water leak solutions for Server Rooms. Once you hire us, our technicians and experts arrange a personal visit if necessary to your server room. Later they do a thorough analysis of the server-room where the detection system has to be established. 

We perform this analysis to ensure that the system which we install functions with 100% efficiency. Unlike other firms that do the installations directly, we believe in being thorough. 

Later, they design the whole system based on drawings and other technical data and submit the quotation. Once you approve the quotation, our engineers visit your site for the installation process. Once the installation is done, our engineers commission the system and perform all the necessary tests to ensure our system's effectiveness. 

Our experts also offer the warranty and the quote for an annual maintenance contract to keep your system running without any hiccups.  

FAQs about water leak detection system for server room:

Why is it essential to use a water leak detection system in server rooms?

Datacenter houses costly servers and precious information stored in these servers. Any damage to these servers due to any accident might cause heavy loss to the company. Also, this server room usually has water leak-prone areas. Hence, a water leak detector is crucial for every server room to detect any water leak at an early stage.

Where to install water leak sensors in the Datacenters?

It is recommended to use a water leak rope sensor in zig-zac fashion on the whole server room floor. If not, then use a leak cable sensor below the CRAC unit and along its drain & water supply pipe. CRAC unit needs to connect to water supply and drain pipes which is a leak-prone area. Hence, it needs to protect with the help of a water leak detection system.

Which is the best water leak detection system for server rooms?

A single-zone system with a water leak cable sensor is an ideal solution for small data centers. However, an addressable water leak detection system with a rope water sensor is suitable for large-sized server rooms. It helps to take preventive action quickly since the location of the leak is pointed by it.

Which are the ideal water leak detection system for datacenters?

Some of the feature-rich and economical water leak detectors are as follow:

  1. LD 5200, LD 2100, & LD 1500 by RLE, USA.
  2. Aqualeak, UK made 10K, AquaTraq, & AquaTek
  3. AKCP water leak detection.
  4. TTK made FG-NET

How to install a water leak detection system in the server room?

  1. Select the right type of leak detectors system.
  2. Mount the panel outside of the server room so that the audio alarm should notice by staff quickly.
  3. Laydown the leak sensor cable at on the periphery of the Datacenter.
  4. Use adhesive clips to hold the sensor tightly.
  5. Ensure the cable leak sensor not touching any mental element like cable trays, pipes, or pedestal of the raised floor.
  6. If possible, connect the system with BMS or remote monitoring.