What is the oil leak detection system?

An oil leak detection system is a setup of various sensors, cables, and circuits that keep an eye on oil flow. If there is even a minor leakage of the oil from the pipelines, the Oil leak detection system raises the alarm, alerting the user about the leakage.

oil leak detection system

Why need oil leak detection system?

Every year, billions of dollars worth oil wasted due to leakage all over the globe. This leakage impacts the environment adversely and poses a significant threat to the people and property in the surroundings. The leaked oil might catch fire or explode, leading to the devastation of men & material alike. 

The primary reason for oil leaks is corrosion. As the oil keeps flowing continuously thorough the pipeline, it will keep corroding the pipeline slowly. This leads to leakage in the majority of the cases. Other reasons include misaligned pipes, mechanical shocks to the pipeline and other miscellaneous factors. 

Although these factors will always persist, a redundant oil leak detector system can significantly reduce the losses and adverse effects of the leak. 

Components of oil leak detection kit.

A robust oil leak detection kit should have highly efficient components. The efficiency of such a system depends on these components. We use top-notch components to offer the best sensing and detection services to our clients. Our sole goal is to help users by delivering the best services..

Leak detection panel.

Leak detection panels are used to locate the region of the leak. Basically, there are two types of leak detection panels, 1. Distance read leak detection panel 2. Zone leak detection panel. Depending on the System and industry-requirements, any one or both of them can be used.

Distance read leak detection panel. (Locating panel) –

This type of detection panel is used to mark the precise location of the oil leak in the buildings and pipelines. This System uses a sensing cable with multiple sensors embedded in it.

The current continuously flows in these sensing cables. When there is a leak, the oil comes in contact with the sensors of the sensing cable. The presence of oil shorts, the circuit and sensors detect the oil leakage. Moreover, the Distance read leak detection panel calculates the short circuit’s exact location and pinpoints the precise location of the oil leakage.

Zone leak detection panel (Non locating panel) –

Unlike the distance read leak detection panel, this System is used to detect a zone or an area where the oil leakage occurs. This System comes in two variants; one is single-zone detection where there is only one terminal connected to the sensor. These System can be used in fuel oil tanks, fuel feed pipelines, boiler houses, & plant rooms. There is also a Multi-zone leak detection system where there are multiple terminals connected with the sensor. These multi-zone leak detection panels can be used when the large area has to be covered.

Oil leak sensors

Oil leak sensors employ different detection methods to sense and raise the alarm regarding the oil leak. Either sensing cable or Spot detector can be used for the System, depending on what are the industry requirements.

Sensing Cable

These sensing cables are susceptible towards the Hydro Carbon and can detect even a minor leakage of oil. These cables consist of multiple conductor plates. The current flows in these conductors continuously. When the oil comes in contact with these cables, the circuit is shorted, and the alarm is triggered. We utilize top-quality sensing cables that are non-responsive to the moisture and are reusable. Due to digital leak addressing, it can sense multiple leaks and Distance of these leaks simultaneously.

Spot detector (point sensor)

As the name suggests, these sensors are used to sense the leakage at any particular point. Distance measuring feature is not present in this type of sensor. It has two open terminals connected to the sensor. 

When these Hydro-Carbon sensitive terminals contact the oil, the circuit completes, triggering an alarm in the System.


Apart from sensors, the following accessories for oil leak detection are also used to install an Oil Leak detection panel. We use industry-best quality accessories to ensure the best results.

Benefits of oil leak detection system.

For any business area, that deals with any type of oil, its crucial to prevent any oil leakage. If the leak can be detected early, it can help save a lot of money, precious time, and reputation. With the rapidly upgrading technologies, we have kept our systems up to date.

Our oil leak detection system is susceptible, robust and redundant. Once in place, these sensors keep a watchful eye on any oil leakage, making them a perfect choice for your establishment. Due to continuous urbanization, the oil demand is rising, and the supply is limited. In this situation, no company or business can afford losing oil in the form of oil leakage. Oil leaks also affect the surrounding environment in grave danger. So it’s advisable to utilize the top quality oil leak detection system in the market to avoid any financial or environmental losses. 

Applications of oil leak detection system.

Oil leak detection systems can be used at multiple places & buildings. They have varied application and are used in numerous industries, especially Oil & relevant industries. Following are the primary applications of the Oil Leak detection system.

Generator Rooms

Generator rooms need a continuous fuel supply to keep running. Any leakage can disrupt the functions of a generator. Moreover, there is always a high risk at such places. Any oil leak might have serious consequences like fire, explosion or generator failure. 

Our oil leak detection solution system for generator room can prevent these types of circumstances by giving an early warning about any oil leak in the generator room. This can help the user perform all the necessary repairing instantly, preventing any major disaster.

Generator fuel tanks

Generator fuel tanks are used to store a massive amount of oil. The oil leakage in them can be a catastrophic accident. A business may lose millions, and other strategic losses are unimaginable. So it’s vital to prevent such incidents from happening. 

A robust oil leak detection solution system for generator fuel tanks come to aid in this situation. Once integrated, this System keeps a sharp eye on any leak. It instantly triggers an alarm on witnessing even a minute oil leak. We have designed our System in a way that it can be established in any environment and work efficiently.

Commercial fuel storage tank.

Many companies use commercial fuel storage tanks to store their surplus stock. These fuel storage tanks are massive and store several thousand barrels of fuel. Filling and emptying these tanks regularly corrodes the pipeline. This can lead to leakage from some weak spot. 

So it becomes vital to detect even a minute leak. If left unattended, this can lead to an unimaginable disaster.

Our oil leak detection solution system for commercial fuel storage tanks can identify multiple oil leaks to give an early warning to the users. It is designed to work in an extreme environment and deliver precise results. Our System can help save lives and millions of dollars in the form of oils.

Airport fuel tank (Jet Fuel Hydrant Systems)

Airport fuel tanks are always busy, refuelling the planes arriving at the airport. Attaching & detaching fuel hose hundreds of times a week can cause mechanical wears. Due to this, the chances of fuel leak are extremely high at airports. 

A quality oil leak detection solution system for airport fuel tanks can detect minor fuel leak in the Airport fuel tank. Doing so can help save money, fuel, and prevent disasters. Our oil leak system can be easily customized and integrated with the airport fuel tanks without major changes. 


Oil pipelines.

There is nothing more important than an oil pipeline in the world right now. The global economy depends on the uninterrupted supply of oil. If there is any leakage in the pipelines, the economic losses can run into billions. 

Highly sophisticated and efficient oil leak detection systems from us can help under these conditions. Our oil leak detection solution system for oil pipelines is designed to monitor the whole pipeline continuously. Any leak is detected instantly, triggering the alarm bells in the control room. This will prompt the maintenance team to take quick actions and shut-off the leak.

Notification methods of oil leak detection system.

Oil leak detector systems come with multiple notification methods. Every method is highly efficient & can be used to different places as per needs. We offer following notification methods with our oil leak detection system as per customer’s demand.

Audio alarm

In Oil Leak Alarm unit system, an audio alarm is used to indicate the oil leak. Here, a loud audio system is connected to the panel, and when the sensor detects the oil leak, the audio System relays the message.It is a perfect option for the places where the manpower is less, and no dedicated supervisor is keeping the tabs. 

Visual interface (LCD display, LED indications)

These types of systems are perfect where a dedicated supervisor is available to monitor the leak. Here an LCD display or LED indicators are connected with the detection panel. Once the sensors sense the leak, the information is relayed to the LED indicators.

Web interface

This System is a blessing for the remote areas. This System is integrated with the Web interface.

On detecting an oil leak, the information is relayed to the user who can be anywhere in the world.

Interface with Building management system (BMS) or SCADA System

We also offer an industry-grade oil leak detection system that can be easily integrated with any BMS or SCADA system. In this System, the detection panel sends the information regarding the leak to a BMS or SCADA system, and operators can easily take necessary steps. 

Why Choose CtrlTech to buy oil leak detection system?

Although there are multiple oil leak detection system suppliers, we are in the industry form more than 15 years. We know about the oil leak detection industry in & out. We are a perfect choice for your business as we offer the best quality services, support and assistance and highly economical rates. 

Following are the primary reasons to choose us

FAQs about oil leak detection:

Why should we use an oil leak detection system?

Oil is a precious commodity. Avoiding waste can improve the profit and efficiency of the system. At the same time, an oil leak can be a threat to human life and property. A leak in the commercial oil tank and pipeline can harm the environment. Thus, it is recommended to use an oil leak detector system.

How does an oil leak detector work?

Like any other leak detection system, it consists of a control panel and sensor. Depending on the type of alarm panel, users can use a point, probe, or an oil leak cable sensor. When leak oil touches the oil leak sensor, it gets shorted, and it transmits a single to the panel to generate an alarm.

Where to use an oil leak detection kit?

An oil leak detector kit commonly used in the following areas:

  1. The diesel Generator room.
  2. Generator fuel storage tank.
  3. Commercial fuel storage tank.
  4. Oil pipelines.
  5. Jet fuel hydrant system.
  6. Underground fuel tanks.

Which oil leak detection sensor is the best?

There are mainly two types of oil sensors. Oil leak cable sensor is often used for every other application due to its durability and installation flexibility. A probe-type oil leak sensor is cheaper and ideal for small areas like a tray below the tank.

Which is the best oil leak detector system?

Some of the well-known oil leak detection systems are as follow:

  1. Aqualeak made Oilbug, Redeye 1, and ORG series.
  2. ODS2-2 and ODS4-4 by CMR Electrical 
  3. FG-NET-LL, FG-NET, FG-ALS4-OD, FG-ALS8-OD, & FG-A-OD by TTK leak detection.
  4. OAX, OAX-5, & OAX-2100 by Oil Alert
  5. Tracetek by Aquilar

How much is the cost of an oil leak detection kit?

Cost depends on the number of probe sensors or length of oil leak cable sensor used. A single zone panel with one probe sensor or two meters cable sensor will cost around AED 5900.