Oil Leak Detection System

Oil Leak Detection or Fuel Leak Detection System Overview:

Oil Leak Detection (OLD) or Fuel leak detection system are designed to sense presence of leak oil fuel such as Petrol, Diesel, kerosene etc. like other leak detection system this system also consists of leak alarm panel and sensors. Leakage detection panel can be of single zone or multiple zone type. Sensor is of cable type sensor or of adjustable probe type sensor. As explain before Leakage panel also of distance read type which can show exact distance of leakage across length of sensor cable.

How Oil Leak Detection System works?

It works on same principle as explained in case of water leak detection system. Mainly two type of sensors are used with leak detection; first one is cable sensor and another is probe type sensor. When leaked Oil, Fuel or any hydrocarbon liquids or non-conductive solvents touched to cable sensor (or detected below probe sensor), sense cable transmits the information to a Leak control panel and control Panel Triggers alarm.

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  •    Type of Monitoring Panel:  

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  •    Types of Sensors:

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       Application  of ttk oil leak Detection System

    • Large oil tanks in oil ridge.
    • Oil pump room.
    • Generator room.
    • Oil Trip trays
    • Oil plant rooms.
    • Oil pipeline.
    • Underground oil tanks at petrol pump.

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Type of Sensors used with Oil Leak Detection System:

As mentioned before only two type of sensors mainly use with OLD panel as follow:

  • Oil leak sensor cable: This is widely use sensor along with OLD panel. This cable can detect presence of any hydrocarbon liquids or non-conductive solvents across it length. Best quality of this cable is that it does not react when it comes in contact with water. Hence this cable can install in outdoor, indoor or can be buried in ground. This cable consists of two twisted wires called as sensing wire and alarm signal wire. These cable then covered by conductive-polymer jacket and surrounded with a fluoro polymer braid.
  • Probe type leak detection sensor: These are floor mounted, height adjustable sensor. It's working is based on principle of Optoschmitt technology. When oil come below this sensor then refractive index of surface (to which sensor facing at) get change and sensor gives signal to panel.