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Oil Leak Solution For Airport Fuel Tank

Oil leak detection system for aviation fuel tank

In earlier days, there were many such instances where the transport airplanes and airports were destroyed due to the fuel tank explosions. The commercial airplanes faced these issues until they found a definite solution. Just like that, the airport fuel tanks were also vulnerable to unknown oil leakages. 

The fuel tank explosions within the airplanes are mostly due to some hazardous components. Some of such known components include fuel valves, level sensors, quantity probes, etc. The authorities decided to remove any external or internal ignition source to prevent such mishaps. 

Just like that, the airport fuel tank is also embedded with oil leakage detection systems for avoiding such destructive scenarios. Cables and probes are being used for the detection of external leakage. The sensing system has been evolved to detect all types of fuel leakage.

Why Oil Leak Detection System Needed For Airport Fuel Tank?

Most of the accidents are recorded due to airport fuel tank explosions. The prime reason for fuel tank explosions is avoiding oil leakage problems. Now, it’s time that airport authorities must know the need for oil leakage detection system installation onto the airport fuel tanks. 

Oil Leak Detection systems consist of probes and cables that do product sensing. The embedded technology is to prevent external leak detection. The use of oil leak detection system is recommended as it reacts to the leakage problems at the earliest possible stage. Hence, environmental, property and safety hazards can be suppressed. 

The probes used for the oil leak detection systems are meant to give out faster response and are reusable. They are combined with sensing cables for enhanced efficiency. These systems are meant to be installed in several environments for diverse applications. These systems are used to detect leakage in storage tanks, process units, transfer lines and also airports. 

With the increase in the number of airport fuel tank mishaps in the past era, the authorities have decided to put an end to it. They are now ready to adapt the oil leakage detection systems to terminate the leakage hassles at the earliest stage.

The sensing cable usually consists of detection return wire, electrically insulated sensing layer, continuity wire, ground wire, power wire and digital communication wire. There is an external braid to protect the cable.

Oil leak detection sensor

How CtrlTech Offer Oil Leak Solution For Airport Fuel Tank?

CtrlTech is destined to offer an ideal oil leak detection system to the airports to help them eliminate the explosion risks. The airport fuel tank comes with a unique design that is different at all airports. Therefore, CtrlTech  liquid leak detection company offers an ideal solution to the airport authorities by following a systematic process. 

CtrlTech firstly approaches the airport authorities to give them the map or drawing of the airport fuel tank setup. After that, the team designs the oil leak detection systems for the airport fuel tank. Now, they would explain the same to the authorities and quote them a price for the service. 

With the consent of the authorities, CtrlTech commences with the installation job but first starts with testing & commissioning. Once the installation is done, it also offers warranty and maintenance contract to the authorities.