Water Leak Detection

What is Water Leak Detection System (WLDS)?

Water leak detection system is a device when installed in facility, then it detects water leak at initial stage and inform user with help of audible alarm, SMS, Email etc. Leak detection system consist of leak detection Panel and sensors. Depending on requirement Leak detection panel can be single zone system of Multi zone system. Single zone system can protect one area or zone since single zone water leak detection panel consists on only one sensor terminal. While multi zone system can protect multiple area or zone since it consists of more than one sensor terminals. Sensor are actual Leak Detector. 

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  •    Type of Leak Detection Panel:  

          Single Zone System                                                Multi Zone System                                          Distance read System  

          AquaTraq-Water-Leak-Detector-Large                                                  Water-Leak-Detector-Large                                       WLDS-1           


  •    Types of Sensors:

          Leak Sensing Cable                                                Adjustable Probe Sensor                                          Wall Mount Sensor 

          water leak sensing cable to use with water leak detection system for water leak detector or water leakage detection system or water leak alram system.                                         Adjustable water leak probe                                           Wall mounted probe  

  •    Applications:

    • Server room & Datacentre.
    • Telecommunication room.
    • Pantry Room.
    • Laboratories.
    • Pump Room.
    • Water drip tray below FCUs.
    • Lift piths

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About Leak Detection System Panel and Water Leak detection Sensor:

Water Leak Detection Panel:

There are different type of leak detection panels depending on number of zone it can protect and nature of leakage detection. Depending on zone water leak alarm system divided in two types i.e. Single Zone and Multi zone water leak detection equipment. Depending on nature of leak detection it divided in distance read water leak detector  and non distance read water leak detector system. Distance read system can locate exact leakage point and shows exact distance on panel while non distance read system can simply detect leakages.

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Leak detection panel Mainly of following type:

  • Distance read System: Along with distance read type of system only cable type sensor can be use as leak detector.  This system can be single zone type of multi zone type. Distance read system shows exact location of leak across length of sensor cable. When water comes in contact with sensor cable twisted pair of cable get shorted through leaked water. Depending on value of current (which depend on length of cable due to resistance of cable) which flows through shorted pair of sensing cable, leak detection panel calculate length of cable at which water came in contact with water.  This distance is leak location.
  • Singe Zone Leak Detection Panel: As name suggest this type of system can perform leak detection over one area or zone. This system provided with only one terminal to connect sensor. Single zone panel can be of distance read type also.
  • Multi-Zone Leak Detection Panel: As name suggest this panel can perform leak detection over various zone of areas. Traditional Multi-zone system has one terminal per zone to connect sensor. But in some system there is only one terminal to connect sensor cable and zone created depending on length of sensor cable by programing through software from  LCD panel of Leak alarm panel.

Type of  Water leak Detector Sensors.

Mostly Cable type water leak Sensors are  used as sensor. Water Leak Cable sensor are easy to install, robust and generally compatible with all type of leak panel. Other type of sensors are spot sensors like Adjustable probe sensor, Wall mount sensor probe, pad sensor etc. Depending on type of area where we have to detect leak, one has to choose type of sensor.   

There are many type of water leak detectors for sale in market. lets see this sensors in details:

  • Cable sensor: This is widely use type of sensor along with water leak alarm system. This sensor is install across the periphery of area where leak detection to be done with help of adhesive clips. Sensor cable consists of two or four twisted cable. Sensor cable connected to panel and when water touched to this cable, twisted cables get shorted due to property of cable material and panel triggers alarm. 
  • Adjustable probe type sensor: This type of sensor use when leak detection has to be done in small targeted areas like drain, drip tray, gutters etc. As its name suggest height of this sensor can be adjusted. Height can be adjusted between 0 to 25mm. Advantage of this sensor is that even in single zone system many adjustable sensor can be connected in parallel to detection at multiple targeted areas.