Water leak detection system.

A water leak detection system is a system that alerts the user about any leakage in the system. This early warning helps the user to take preventive steps to stop the leakage. Such a system can help you reduce the damage caused due to water leakage. Water leakage systems come in different types & brands. Depending on the building’s structure, application area, budget, and requirement, any one of them can be used.

Water leakage due to burst pipe or joint failure can cost dearly to the property owners. It doesn’t matter whether the property is residential, corporate, or business. Water leakage issues are always horrible, disruptive & can cause severe damage to the property.

When the water leakage damages any building, a lot of money goes into repairing & restoration. If the property is commercial, it might lose a considerable sum of money as a lost revenue during the repairing process. If the building is residential, the residents will have to relocate, adding to the cost. Water leakage can also damage certain items whose monetary value can never be estimated.

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Why need a water leak detection system.

The ever increasing water leakage problem faced by the people can attribute to various factors like:

  1. Use of low-quality material the rising popularity of integrated plumbing system.
  2. More complex plumbing solutions
  3. Old pipes and weathering 

The reasons can be any of them, and it’s not always to keep a watchful eye on the plumbing system to prevent any leak. With the rising urban culture, water use is rising, resulting in the scarcity of water. In such a global scenario, it becomes crucial to prevent the wastage of water in any form. 

Due to these reasons, insurance companies encourage their customer to install a robust water leak detection in underground pipes and the pipes in buildings to minimize the water damage risk.

Components of water leak detection system

A robust water leak detection system should have highly efficient components. The efficiency of such a system depends on these components. We use top-notch components to offer the best sensing and detection services to our clients. Our sole goal is to prevent any unwanted incident by offering the best value.

Water leak detection panel

Leak detection panels are used to locate the region of the leak. Basically, there are two types of leak detection panels, 1. Distance read leak detection panel 2. Zone leak detection panel. Depending on the system and industry-requirements, any one or both of them

Distance read leak detection panel. (Locating panel)

This system is used to pinpoint the exact location of water leakage. To erect this system, sensing cables with multiple water leak sensors are used. When the leaking water comes in contact with conductors, it shorts and sets off an alarm in the sensing cable. The distance read leak detection panel calculates the exact location by calculating the distance. And it displays the exact distance in meters where the circuit shorted on coming in contact with water. Distance read leak detection system is perfect if the sensing cable is not visible, and you want to know the exact location of the water leakage.

Zone leak detection panel (Non-locating panel)

This system is suitable to detect leaks over a vast area. It determines an area where the water leakage has occurred instead of an exact location. It can also be either a single-zone leak detection panel or a multi-zone leak detection panel, depending on the need. A single-zone leak detection panel consists of a single terminal connected to the sensor. On the contrary, a Multi-zone leak detection system has one terminal connected at every zone.

Water leak sensors

These sensors employ different detection methods to sense and raise the alarm regarding the oil leak. Either sensing cable or Spot detector can be used for the system, depending on what are the industry requirements.

Sensing Cable

It’s a multi-conductor wire embedded with sensors at every few feet. These cables detect even minimal water leakage by measuring the moisture in a large area. They are just like a water sensing probe with extensions.

They are placed in the area where water leakage detection is required. The small voltage flows through the multi-conductor cable. When  water leak sensor cable comes in contact with the leaking water, the circuit shorts, triggering an alarm in the system.

Spot detector (point sensor)

Probe and point sensors sensors are designed to locate the water leakage at the precise point like drip trays, gutters, and drains. It has two probes to detect the leak, acting as an open circuit. When water comes in contact with these probes, the circuit closes, triggering an alarm in the system.


Apart from sensors, the following accessories are also used to install an Oil Leak detection panel. We use industry-best quality accessories to ensure the best results.

Benefits of Water leak detection system

Applications of water leak detection system

Almost every industry and residential buildings are susceptible to water leaks. Wireless water leak detection system can be used in almost every building for preventing any major issue caused by a water leak.

Here are some of the primary applications.

Datacenter and Server rooms

Datacenters and Server rooms are a critical part of any Technology-powered Business. Various electronic components used in Datacenters and Server rooms are susceptible to moisture. Even a small amount of water leakage can cause troubles. If the leakage is not detected instantly, it can damage the whole system, resulting in incalculable losses.

So it becomes critical to protect them. Water Leak Detection System for Datacenter can help protect them and save a large sum of money.

Pump rooms

Pump rooms are crucial for any building, whether residential or commercial. Any failure or technical issue in the Pump room can disrupt the whole water supply system. Pumps generally operate at a high-voltage supply. As the water is also in the vicinity, there is always a short–circuit risk in case of a water leak.

Fortunately, a Water leak detection solution for pump room can help prevent any major disaster due to leakage. With our robust system, any leakage can be detected quickly, and repair works can be initiated.

Technical rooms

Any residential or corporate building has almost all of the above rooms that either utilizes electric or electronic components. Any presence of moisture or water can severely damage their operations.

Water leak detection system alerts the user about any such leakage in these technical rooms before they can damage the equipment. These technical rooms include telecom, UPS, water heater, switch and battery rooms. Installing them in your building can help you avert major disasters and save a lot of money.You can check here water leak detection for telecom rooms

Water pipelines

Water pipelines, whether chilled or normal, are at the greatest risk of water leakage. Due to temperature variance and continuous water flow, there is always a chance of water leakage. This leakage might damage the buildings and weaken its foundation.

A water leak detection system can help prevent these damages by giving an early warning about the leakage to the user. Our units are capable of triggering an alarming one experiencing even a minor leakage immediately.


Water pipelines run through every building. It is becoming crucial in offices, museums, archive rooms, library, hospital and shopping centre. Any leakage in the facilities mentioned above can damage artifacts, important records, books, medical equipment, and expensive goods.

Our dependable water leak detection for buildings can be extremely helpful in protecting these items.

Laboratories and Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms and Laboratories are the places that should be free from any moisture. The presence of moisture can boost the growth of fungi and other parasites. Thus, this will make Labs and Cleanrooms unsuitable for performing precise experiments.

We can help you keep these labs and Cleanrooms moisture-free using our industry-leading water leak detection systems. You can check water leak detection for Laboratories and Cleanrooms

Notification methods of water leak detection system

Water leak detection systems come with multiple notification methods. Every method is highly efficient & can be used to different places as per needs. We offer following notification methods with our Water leak detection system as per customer’s demand.

Audio alarm

This method is generally used in an industry where a large area needs to monitor by less workforce.Whenever the system detects any water leakage, an audio alarm in the form of a siren goes off and alerts the user.

Visual interface

This notification method is suitable where there is a continuous presence of any individual around the system. Here an LCD screen or LED indicators display various parameters related to the system.

Web interface

Our systems are also Web-interface compatible. The user can manage and keep an eye on our system through any web-interface. This system is perfect when the user is away from the installed system. It is also suitable for homes and residential buildings where it’s not possible to keep a watch on the system manually.

Interface with Building management system (BMS) or SCADA system

This notification method is generally used in industries that are large buildings. Our system can be easily integrated with any BMS or SCADA system. So it becomes easy to manage any water leakage. In case of any leakage, an alarm will be displayed on the system.

Why Choose CtrlTech for water leak detection?

Although there are multiple water leak detection system suppliers, we are in the industry form more than 15 years. We know about water leak detection industry in & out. We are a perfect choice for your business as we offer the best quality services, support and assistance and highly economical rates.

Following are the primary reasons to choose us.

FAQs about water leak detection:

What is a water leak detection system?

A water leak detector is an early alarm system that informs the user about water leaks to avoid potential damages. It consists of a central panel and water leak sensors. 

How does the water leak detection system works?

It consists of the sensor installed on the floor, and it is connected to the panel. When leaked water touches the water leak sensor, give a signal to the alarm panel. Hence, the system generates an audio or visual alarm. Also, it can send a notification to the user by SMS, phone call, or email.

Why a water leakage detection system needed?

A water leak can cause hefty financial losses to the business. For example, a leak in the telecom or server room can spoil costly equipment and reduce uptime and, therefore, revenue. A water leakage detector system can avoid damages by bringing it to users’ notice at a very early stage.

What are different types of water leak detection panels?

There are the following types of water leak sensing panels:

  1. Distance read system or leak locator.
  2. Single zone leak alarm panel.
  3. Multi-zone leak detection.

Which are the different water leak sensors?

Leak detector sensors are of the following types:

  1. Rope sensor or water leak detection cable.
  2. Probe sensor
  3. Spot sensor
  4. Point sensor.
  5. Wireless leak detection sensor.

Where should we install a water leak detector?

Water leak detection system recommended for following areas

  • Datacenter and server rooms
  • Water pump rooms.
  • Underground water pipe
  • A commercial building like offices, museums, archive rooms, library, hospital, and shopping center
  • Inside the technical rooms like telecom, UPS, water heater, switch, and battery rooms
  • Laboratories and clean rooms

How much water leak detector costs in Dubai UAE?

The price of a water leak detection system depends on the type of panel and the sensor’s quantity. A standard leak locator with a five-meter sensor cable or one probe sensor will cost approximately AED 4900.

What is the best water leak detection system?

Distance read or locating type leak detection systems are the best for any application. It helps to find out the exact leak location without losing much time.

How many water leak sensors should I get?

The number of sensors or length of the cable sensor required depends on the place’s area and the number of leak-prone locations. In a room with no running water pipes, you can use only one sensor.

Which are the best brands for water leak detection systems?

Some of the well-known brands are as follows:

  1. Aqualeak
  2. RLE, USA
  3. Liebert Liqui-tect
  4. TTK water leak
  5. NTI
  6. Environmux