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Water leak solutions for Laboratories and Clean Room

Water leak detection for warehouses, hospitals, and kitchen.

Laboratories and clean room is specified as a containment area within which the efforts are made for adjusting the air filtration and treatment systems. These rooms are intended to prevent the biological components from contaminating the air outside that cleanroom or laboratory. Not just that, but there are also used for the process of semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology and others.

With the intense procedures being conducted for scientific research within the clean rooms and laboratories, they need water leak detector to prevent breakdown measures and environmental contamination due to failure of any of such research processes.

Therefore, to help the clean rooms and laboratories stay free from water contamination, water leak detection systems are quite essential for integration. With advanced water leakage detection solutions installed onto the laboratories and clean rooms, you can be sure of getting notified about any sort of appliance water leakage or system leakage problems instantly.

Why Water Leak Detection System Needed For Laboratories And Clean Room?

Scientific experiments and processes need to be free from all sorts of contaminations and embedding sensor cables onto the laboratories, and cleanroom can ensure this factor. The water leak detection systems have sensor cables that are connected to a central control panel that helps the monitoring staff get the alert.

Today there are many advanced leak detection systems that can send alarming notifications or alert message through SMS or email to the monitoring staff. It will help the laboratory and cleanroom professionals to take immediate measures to control the leakage and prevent water contamination.

The water leak detection systems that are specified for laboratories and clean rooms must be installed in the most leakage prone areas of the room. In this way, these sensor cables will detect even a little amount of liquid contact. Moreover, these sensor cables are reusable, which can detect multiple leakages without the need for replacement.

The control panel also has a logging system to record all leakage instances overtime to take necessary measures for all-around repair solutions. Every laboratory and the cleanroom have a different setting for which custom leak detection system must be installed.

water leak detection solution for clean rooms and labortory

How CtrlTech Offer Water Leak Solution For Laboratories And Clean Room?

CtrlTech offers you select leakage detection systems meant specifically for your cleanrooms and laboratories. You must know that your cleanroom setting is possibly diverse from other standard rooms. Therefore, CtrlTech follows an ideal procedure to ensure effective installation for all.

The steps followed by CtrlTech are as follows:

  • CtrlTech will first visit the site to inspect the water leakage prone areas.
  • With proper analysis, the professionals will start designing a custom leakage detection system, especially for your cleanrooms and laboratories.
  • Get your price quote and a detailed explanation of al technicalities.
  • The installation job will begin, on completion of which, the system will be commissioned and tested for quality assurance.
  • Finally, annual maintenance and warranty contract details will also be explained to the organization chief or representative post-installation.