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Oil Leak Solution For Generator Fuel Tank

Oil leak detection for generator fuel tank in Abu Dhabi.

Generators might be the defence system in most industries and organizations to give power backup during the time of need. Therefore, it is quite essential for the organizations and industries to ensure that the generators are safe and operational without causing catastrophic explosions. 

For that, one needs to understand the need for installing oil leak detection systems onto the generator fuel tank. Most of the generators use diesel as their prime operations. The generators are used in data centres, health care sites, airports, industries, etc. These places are often filled with civilians and workers around therefore avoiding destruction might be a good idea. 

Therefore, the oil leak detection system was introduced for the generator fuel tanks. It is done to detect leakage at the earliest possible stage. It is usually embedded within the generator fuel storage tanks and the fuel distribution pipes for prompt alarming. It is a cost-effective solution and is highly prioritized in the present era to avoid loss of property and manpower.

Why Oil Detection System Needed For Generator Fuel Tank?

Bigger generators need a secondary-containment for the storage of fuel. It is connected to the generator through distribution pipes and functions seamlessly. The oil leakage detection systems are installed onto the generator fuel tanks and the distribution pipes. The sensor cables are specially designed for serving the ideal purpose. 

The sensor cables are designed in the form of a continuous string to make it a specialty cable. It is essential for the sensor cables to be placed in the area where it can detect the fluid presence. The sensor cables of the oil leakage detection system are connected to a monitoring console. Hence, it will help the authorities know the exact point of leakage in the generator fuel tank. 

Along with the oil leak detection, the console will give information on the precise location, leak persistence and leak magnitude. 

The oil leakage detection systems can be modified for responding only when the oil leak sensor cable comes in contact with hydrocarbons. It means that the detection system will only respond for leakage of diesel fuel. 

The officials sitting at the monitoring hub can take immediate action once the leakage is detected. Based upon the installation of the system, you can either stop the engine, stop fuel transfer pumps or just alarm the situation to respective authorities. There are different types of set-up that you can prefer for better detection and control.

Oil leakage detection with sensing cable detector

How CtrlTech Offer Oil Leak Solution For Generator Fuel Tank?

CtrlTech is one such oil leak detection system provider that is equipped with tools and expertise to carry out such complex tasks. They are offering the best oil leakage detection system and are giving out seamless installation services. 

Here is the process that CtrlTech follows in order to get the oil leakage detected in the generator fuel tank:

  • CtrlTech does a ground visit to the premises where the generator fuel tank is stored.¬†
  • The team will ask for the design and drawing map of the generator fuel tank to better insight the technicalities.¬†
  • Based on the design and the recommended type of installation, the professionals work on designing the system.¬†
  • Now, they will explain the technical aspects of the installation and give a price quote for the services.¬†
  • Now, they can proceed with the installation after which testing and commissioning are to be done.¬†
  • CtrlTech also offers warranty and maintenance services.¬†

They are professionals in their job and are well versed with the technical aspects that are essential for consideration to avoid oil leakage in the generator fuel tank.

FAQs about oil leak solution for generator fuel tank:

Why do we need oil leak detection for the generator fuel tank?

Large capacity generators need an external fuel tank to fulfill the heavy requirement of oil. These tanks are located away from the generator room and connected to the generator with pipes' help. Hence, there is always a probability of an oil leak in the tank, pipeline, or generator itself. This leak can invite fire accidents and make a loss. Thus, installing an oil leak detector below the fuel tank and along the supply pipes is advisable.

Is the oil leak cable sensor suitable for the fuel tank?

Yes, oil cable sensors are most suitable for the fuel tank since they can easily install around the tank. Also, it can detect oil leakages quickly as compared to the spot sensors.

What is a procedure to install an oil leak sensor for fuel tanks? 

  1. Choose the oil leak detection system with a rope fuel sensor.
  2. Install oil leak cable around the tank and along the length of the fuel pipeline.
  3. Fix oil leak sensing cable around the generator plinth.
  4. Place oil leak alarm unit away from the generator room.