Alarm panels for oil leak detection

An oil leak detection system is extremely crucial for every industry that deals with Oil and fuel. Due to an oil leak’s economic and environmental impact, almost every industry that uses Oil needs an efficient and robust oil leak detection system. 

Oil leak detection panels can help you save a lot of money and downtime by giving a prior oil leak warning. They can help you prevent any major catastrophic incident and save lives. So for a modern-day industry, Oil leak detection panels are vital. 

An ideal oil leak detection panel should help you pinpoint the exact location or at the least pinpoint the zone of an oil leak. It should not raise the false alarm in the presence of any liquid other than Oil or fuel. The sensors of an ideal leak detection system should be efficient, affordable, and easy to maintain. Most importantly, these sensors should be reusable to reduce operational costs.

Oil leak detection alarm panel

Types of Oil leak detection Panels

Oil leak panels come into two different varieties:

  1. Distance read (Locating Panel): This oil leak detection panel can pinpoint Oil’s exact location along the sensor’s length.
  2. Zone Leak detection panel: This oil leak detection panel will only raise the alarm about the leak. It cannot pinpoint the exact location. 

Depending on the type of industry, and your needs, any of these methods can be utilized. 

Now let’s take a look at their work.

How does an oil leak panel work?

Distance Read Panel:

Distance leak Panels are extremely suitable for detecting an oil leak over a large area. They are also suitable for the areas where the sensing cables are not visible. Now let’s understand the working of the Distance Read Panel:

Under this system, a sensing cable is laid across the whole area where the detection has to be done. Oil leak sensor cable contains two sensor wires separated by a thin rubber membrane. This rubber membrane is soluble in Oil but insoluble in water. Mild current flows continuously through these sensor wires. 

When the cable comes in contact with Oil, the rubber membrane melts, and the short circuit occurs between the two sensor wires. The leak detection panel calculates the exact location of the shortcircuit and triggers an alarm. The oil leak notification can be displayed on various audio alarms, LCDs LEDs, Web interface, or on the BMS or SCADA system.

Zone leak detection system:

This system is suitable when the area under the monitoring is small. Unlike the distance read panel, this system only triggers an alarm about the leak and does not pinpoint the leak’s exact location. 

Now let’s understand its working:

The zone leak detection system utilizes either a sensing cable or a sensing cable and spot sensor to detect the leak in the monitored area. If multiple such zones have to be monitored, the multi-zone leak detection system with more than one sensor can be used. 

This system can also be connected to audio alarms, LCD or LED interfaces, web interfaces, or BMS systems.

Features of oil leak detection system?

Features of Distance read Leak detection system:

  1. It can pinpoint the exact location of the oil leak in the monitored area.
  2. It is suitable for a large area where it is difficult to find the leak without an exact location. E.g., Oil fields, Oil pipelines.
  3. It can be connected with any interface for notifications.

Features of Zone leak detection system:

  1. It can trigger the alarm about the oil leak, but it cannot pinpoint the leak’s exact location.
  2. It is suitable for a small area where it is easy to find the oil leak. E.g., engine rooms, pump rooms, server rooms, etc. 
  3. It can be connected with any interface for notifications.

Distance leak detection panels


FG NET  LL is a Digital Unit designed to be connected with a detection sensor that can send signals to a long distance. Once the sensor detects a leak, an embedded chip triggers the alarm and sends a message to the BMS system, alerting about the leak and its exact location. The “LL” in the name means Long Line version. This version can detect the leak over the length of 2400 meters. 

FG-Net (TTK)

FG Net is a Digital unit that is used to detect various liquid leaks. This unit is capable of detecting the pinpoint location of the oil leak. It can also detect simultaneous leaks, so if there are multiple leaks simultaneously, it will still be able to detect all of them. 


FG-ALS8 is a cost-effective solution for water and acid leak detection. It is a perfect choice for any small-medium or large area where the leak’s exact location is needed.


FG-ALS4 is a 4-zone leak detection panel that can detect water and acid leaks. Due to its small size and precise results, it is a perfect choice for the application where leak location is required. 

It can monitor up to 45 meters of Sensing cable for acid and water leaks per zone. It comes with a touch screen display that shows the exact location and five integrated relays. It can be connected to BMS too via RS485 Serial link with MODBUS/JBUS protocol.

Zone panels

Zone Panels are designed to locate a zone where leak detection has occurred. They do not display the zone’s exact location but a broad area where the leakage is detected.

These types of panels are suitable for small areas where it is easy to inspect the leak.

They utilize Spot detectors, Probe sensors, or Point sensors to locate the leak and trigger the alarm.

Oilbug (Aqualeak)

This system utilizes Optoschmitt technology to detect the oil leak. It detects any change in the refractive index of the surface its facing. The best part of this sensor is that it does not get damaged after detection. You can use it after cleaning it. 

It comes in two variants, one with a local alarm and one that can be connected to the BMS system.

Redeye 1 (Aqualeak)

Redeye 1 is an exceptional Leak detection panel that can help you detect multiple liquids like Oil, Fuel, and Water. It is equipped with Opto-electronic sensors that detect any changes in the refractive index of the surface it is monitoring.

Depending on your needs, it can be connected to the oil pumps, BMS, and mechanical valves. 

RGO (Aqualeak)

It is a Multi-Zone leak detection system that can be used to identify fuel leaks and certain other chemicals. Equipped with Redeye technology, it can be used to monitor 32 zones simultaneously. It measures the refractive index of the surface on which it is mounted and triggers an alarm in case of any changes. 

It also comes with the battery backup, so you won’t have to worry about a power outage. 


It is an oil leak alarm unit that is used along with FG-OD hydrocarbon liquid and provides efficient leak detection. Thus it is perfect for non-conductive liquid. 

It contains two LED alarms. 

  1. A red one is triggered when the oil leak is detected. 
  2. A yellow one is triggered when the cable break is detected. 

Both can be connected with the relays that can start and stop the flow of liquid.