Introduction: Accessories

No leak detection system is complete without dependable and accurate accessories. CtrlTech’s accessories are vital for the efficient working of the Leak detection system. 

CtrlTech offers top-quality accessories to ensure higher efficiency and dependability. Our wide-ranging accessories include Adhesive tapes, SMS modules, Solenoid Valve, Non-sensing cable, caution tags, EOL and beacons.

Let’s take a look at these accessories and their functions.

Accesorries for water leak detection system

Adhesive clips.

Cable sensors have to be placed all over the area where leak detection has to be done. So it is important to make arrangements so that the cables stay in their specific location. Adhesive clips are used to keep these sensing cables in place. A name suggests that the adhesive surface at their back is made from durable material that lasts long. 

For better results, we recommend using adhesive clips at every 4 to 5 feet of distance.

SMS modules

CtrlTech’s SMS modules are designed to raise the alarm due to a water leak. Our SMS modules can be operated using any SIM. Once the water leak is detected, this SMS module sends an SMS to a maximum of 5 numbers. Such an early warning helps prevent any major damage to the area even when there is no one present around. This module also comes with a battery backup and mains-fail alert in case there is a power loss in the system. 

SMS modules are rapidly becoming mainstream in the water-leak detection system as they help keep watch on leak detection from any corner of the world. It eliminates the need for dedicating manpower to keep an eye on alarms and LCD screes. All you have to do is install CtrlTech’s SMS module, and you are good to go!

Solenoid valve

CtrlTech’s Solenoid valve is designed to stop water flow through the pipeline in case of a water leak. These valves operate on the principle of electromagnetic effect. When the sensor senses a water leak, it sends an electric signal to the solenoid valve. On receiving this signal, the solenoid valve closes and stops the flow of water. This helps in preventing damages due to flooding. 

Our solenoid valve comes in a variety of size, ranging from 15mm to 50 mm. AS per the need of a client, we supply, NO (Normally Open) as well as NC (Normally Closed) solenoid valves. These can be very useful as they can help prevent the flow of water in the pipes once the leak is detected, preventing any further damage.


Non-sensing cable (Leading Cable)

Leading Cable or non-sensing is a critical component of any leak detection system. As the name suggests, this Cable is not used for sensing the water. It is used to extend the leader cable of the control panel to the area where sensing is required. As the sensor cables can’t be connected to the Leak detection controller, sensing cables are used. They are used to connect the sensing cables with CtrlTech’s leak detection controller to the sensor cables. 

CtrlTech’s Cable is extremely sensitive, abrasion-resistant and stays flat after installation. Our cables are UL and Plenum-rated. So they are a perfect choice for the applications where Plenum-rated cables need to be used. These cables do not affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sensing Cabl

Caution tag

Caution tags are used to indicate the presence of sensing Cable in the area. This alerts people working in the vicinity of the cables that a sensing cable is installed in the area, and they have to maintain precautions. Without caution tags, there is always a risk of damaging the installed sensors and other critical components of the water leak detection system

As per our standards, we recommend you to install such caution tags at every four or 5-meter distance through the entire length of the Cable. Our caution tags offer clear visibility to everyone and anyone

End Terminal. (EOL)

End of Lemnth or EOL terminator is a device that has to be fixed at the end of a length of any sensing cable. The purpose of this equipment is to complete the open circuit of the sensing cable. In the absence of the EOL terminator, the leak detection panel will raise the alarm along the entire length of the sensing cable.

The operational range of these cables in terms of temperature is -10 C to 60 C, and in terms of Humidity, it is 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing.

Beacon Alarm (sounder)

CtrlTech offers a high-quality Beacon alarm that blares on leak detection. It also comes with flashing beacon with bright light, so it’s to identify the location of the leak. This beacon alarm produces the sound of around 30 dB at a distance of 1m. The effective range up to which this alarm can be heard is approximately 30m. 

These beacon alarms are best-suited for a site where the people are working round the clock. The loud volume of the alarm ensures it is heard across a large area, making people aware of the water leak.



We ensure that you get the top-quality products, whether it’s the whole system of accessories.  CtrlTech is dedicated to providing the best service in class. Our leak detection system will help you save a lot of money, preserving critical data and valuable information. All our systems and accessories are fully customizable as per the customers need. So no matter what your needs are, we have a solution for you!