Review of AquaTraq single zone Water Leak Detection System.

Water Leak Detection system is a device which when installed in facility, will detect water leakage in that facility and inform the user by different types of alarm when water touches to sensor or comes in vicinity of sensor.

CtrlTech offers wide range of leak detection system in UAE. They are exclusive distributor for Aqualeak products for Middle East region. In this article we review AquaTraq water leak detection system by CtrlTech. AquaTraq is single zone leak detection system. It is designed to monitor water leakage in critical areas like server room, data center, pump room, laboratories etc. Water leak detection equipment offered by CtrlTech are best in quality and reliability.

Product Description of AquaTraq Leak Detection System.

Water leak detection system supplier in UAE.

The AquaTraq range of single water leak detection system are designed to monitor for water leakage detection in critical areas such as data centres and server rooms. Available as a stand-a-lone alarm panel the AquaTraq can be connected to variety of devices to monitor for leaks. AquaTraq water leak detection system can easily mounted on wall with help of four screws at its four corner. This leak detection system is provided with battery which in normal conditioner gets charge and in absence of main Power supply battery will provide power to panel. On detection of a water leak the panel will output an audible alarm and illuminate an LED.

LED Indication on Water leakage Detection system panel.

Panel has following LED indications:

  • System Live – A green LED will be illuminated to show that the AquaTraq has power to it.
  • Line Fault – This LED shows red indication in case of fault or break of sensor cable. At the end of the sensing cable or connected in the sensing probe is a resistor. The AquaTraq continuously monitors the resistor to ensure that there hasn’t been any disconnection or damage to the cabling. When all is OK the LED is green, if a fault occurs, this changes to red.
  • Zone Alarm – This LED will flash red if a water leak is detected and audible alarm will activated.
  • Mute Button – Press this button when the AquaTraq has gone into alarm (line fault or leak detected) to silence the buzzer (the LED will remain illuminated).

Inside of AquaTraq water leakage detection Panel.

Please see below inside picture of AquaTraq panel.

Water Leakage detection system supplier in UAE.

AquaTraq panel consists for following terminals:

  • Sensor Terminal: With help of this terminal we can connect sensor (wire or probe type) to leak detection panel.
  • Battery Connection Terminal: AquaTraq water leak detection system has provision to connect battery inside panel. Panel will charge battery during normal operation when mains power available.  In emergency when mains power not available then panel powered from battery. For protection battery fuse is provided.
  • Relay Output: AquaTraq panel provided with 2 relay output of 8 amp each. This relay output we can  use to integrate panel with BMS system or fire alarm panel or for connection remote panel. Aquatraq panel also can use for residential water leak detection. These relay output can be use to activate valve with panel used for water line leak detection equipment for homes. 
  • Reset1 terminal: This is basically relay output terminal. This is used to time/date stamp the BMS when the mute button is pressed following an alarm (the relay will switch from closed to open).
  • Mains connection Terminal: Line, earth and neutral terminals provided to connect mains power to panel. For protection fuse is provided at mains.
  • Sensitivity Adjustment Pot: As shown in above picture there is blue coloured pot provided to adjust sensitivity of leak detection. Some times due to pure water even though water touched to sensor cable panel does not initiate alarm due to low sensitivity or gives false alarm due to high humidity. In such cases we can increase or decrease sensitivity of panel by turning pot clockwise or in anti clockwise direction respectively.

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