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Water Leak Solution For Telecom Room

Water leak solution for Etisalat and Du telecom rooms

Telecommunication rooms are meant to distribute all the telecom signals such as data, image and voice over the servers to the specified areas. There are pathways specified for carrying these telecommunication cables from the telecom room to the work area where the signals are being served.

These rooms consist of lots of wires and connections that might experience damage and breakdown due to leakage problems. It might cause serious loss to property and work cycle. Therefore, installing the right water leak solution for telecom room can be an ideal move for the organizations to secure it from water damage hassles. 

There are many potential hazards and adverse consequences of water leakage experienced in the past, especially in the telecom rooms, data centres, computer rooms and others. Soon, the companies will enter into an organizational deficiency stage where work operations will be put at a halt. Therefore, it is always efficient in all terms to consider including water leak detection solutions within such premises.

Why Is Water Leak Detection System Needed For Telecom Room?

Telecom room and server rooms consist of technical assemblies and need cooling appliances to keep the system temperature down. Therefore, most of the telecom rooms include air conditioners that might result in some form of leakage over time. With ideal water leak detection system embedded with sensor cables, one will get an alarming notification to gain insight about the leakage.

For most cases, a ruptured pipe of the air conditioner is recorded to cause these leakage problems. But apart from that, there are many more reasons and sources of water leakage within the telecom rooms such as water-cooled server rack and others. 

By bringing in the inclusion of water leak detection systems, the sensor cables are installed onto such rooms for early detection of leakage problems. With it, the IT staff or the monitoring team will be at the other end of the control panel to receive the alarming notifications whenever the sensor cables come in contact with a liquid substance. Remote monitoring is also enabled with some of the systems that notify the team via email or SMS. 

Some of the common features that these systems carry for telecom rooms are

Water leak solution for telecommunication rooms.

How CtrlTech Offer Water Leak Solution For Telecom Room?

CtrlTech intends to offer ideal water leak detection solution to the businesses and organizations for ensuring safety to their telecom rooms. With lots of circuits and technical aspects being executed within, water leakage can cause a lot of property damage. 

Therefore, CtrlTech proposes a strict measure to conduct the installation process of a water leak detection system within your premises. The process includes:

  • Inspection of the¬†telecom room¬†for the available leakage prone areas and appliances.¬†
  • Once, the site map is analyzed, the team will design a specific system meant just for one‚Äôs¬†telecom room.¬†
  • Technical aspects will be conveyed to the business owners or representatives along with price quote for the installation job.
  • With the consent, the team will commence with the installation job with proper testing and commissioning.¬†
  • Annual maintenance and warranty are also taken care of by CtrlTech.