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Oil Leak Solution For Oil Pipelines

Oil leak detection system for pipelines with optical detector.

Oil pipelines are usually specified as petroleum pipelines that are used especially for transporting crude oil and natural gas liquids. Basically, there are three types of such oil pipelines categorized as oil pipeline systems, refined product oil pipeline and gathering systems. 

The system works systematically where the gathering systems are meant to gather the natural gas liquid or crude oil primarily. After that, it is transported through the crude oil pipeline towards the refinery. After the petroleum or oil is refined into different products as per requirements, it is then distributed to the stations or storages through the refined products oil pipelines. 

It is a complete process that involves the complete usage of different oil pipeline systems. Therefore, to ensure their streamlined flow, oil leak detection systems are meant to be installed within these pipelines for preventing loss of petroleum and money. With advanced oil leak detection systems, you will get instant notifications along with the location alerts for identifying the leakage area.

Why Oil Leak Detection System Needed For Oil Pipelines?

There are many predictions and reasons specified for the leakage problems that frequently occur in the oil pipelines. One amongst the most common reasons that contribute to the leakage problems is corrosion. As per the statistics, 61% of the oil leakage scenarios have been detected due to corrosion, while 39% of scenarios have occurred due to other factors. 

Therefore, the need for oil leak detection systems is highly recommended to identify the minor leaks at the earliest. Monitoring and repairing these leakage problems immediately at the earliest stage will help prevent energy production loss across the globe. The companies are, therefore integrating such leak detection and monitoring system within the oil pipelines. 

Few of the assistances that the companies would get on installing these oil leak detection systems are:

Ability to monitor the pipelines that are installed in rural areas.

Get real-time status of the equipment and pipeline installed simultaneously.

Real-time notification and location alert on leakage detection, etc. 

It is high time for the companies to leverage the use of advanced oil leak detection systems. The sense cables embedded with the oil leak detection systems when it comes in contact with the liquid hydrocarbon will raise the alert notification even if it is a small amount of liquid. 

The sense cables embedded within the pipelines are reusable and has the potential to detect leakages over distant areas. With the advanced monitoring technology, one or several leakages can be detected accurately in real-time with exact location info. 

Leak detection system for oil pipelines

How CtrlTech Offer Oil Leak Solution For Oil Pipelines?

CtrlTech is offering ideal oil leak detection solution to the companies who have their oil pipelines around the rural or urban areas. A specified plan is followed for executing the installation job of the oil leak detection systems. The step-by-step process includes:

  • Firstly, the team of CtrlTech will visit the site and take a structure map of the installed pipelines.¬†
  • With proper ideology, the leak detection system will be designed as per the requirements.¬†
  • A quotation will be submitted, and technical aspects will be explained to the representative person of the company.¬†
  • Installation job will then commence, followed by commissioning and testing.¬†
  • Warranty & annual maintenance will also be provided by CtrlTech.

FAQs about oil pipelines:

What are the advantages of using oil leak solutions for oil pipelines?

Some of the benefits are as given below:

  1. It prevents losses by notifying the exact location of the oil leak in the pipelines.
  2. Oil leak detection for pipelines provides real-time monitoring across the thousand kilometers of commercial fuel pipelines.
  3. It helps to do fast maintenance and avoid manual guarding of fuel lines.
  4. Also, it improves the efficiency of the fuel supply chain.

Why do oil leak detection for oil pipelines?

Commercial fuel supply pipes run over thousands of kilometers and carry a large amount of oil continuously. Due to its long length, it is near to impossible to monitor it manually. Also, even small leaks in pipelines can cause heavy financial losses for the corporation. An oil leak detection offers centralized real-time monitoring for long fuel pipes.

Which is the best oil leak sensor for oil pipelines?

Considering the length of oil pipelines, a spot or point type optical oil leak sensor will not solve the purpose. Thus, an oil sensing cable sensor is the ideal option to monitor leakage of oil pipes.

Which are the desired features of an oil leak detection system for pipelines?

  1. The oil leak detection system should able to monitor sensor cables up to 10000 feet.
  2. Oil leak cable sensor should be durable and withstand harsh outside weather.
  3. It should be the addressable system to notify leak location with accuracy.
  4. The oil leak alarm panel should have a feature to integrate with SCADA, BMS, and remote monitoring systems.