Review of Aqualeak GWD series Water leakage detection system.

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The GWD range of multizone water leak detection systems are designed to monitor for water leakage in critical areas such as data centers and server rooms. Available in ranges between 2 and 128 zones, the GWD uses a variety of devices to monitor for leaks. On detection of a water leak with help of water sensor, the panel will output an audible alarm and illuminate an LED specific to the zone where the leak is.

CtrlTech offer total solution for Water Leak Detection Equipment in Middle East. CtrlTech is exclusive distributor for Aqualeak water leak detection system product for Middle East region. They also offer Water Line Leak Detection Services for underground pipes.Water Leak Detection system is a device which when installed in facility, will detect water leakage in that facility and inform the user by different types of alarm when water touches to sensor or comes in vicinity of sensor.

Product Description of GWD Water Leakage Detection System.

The GWD water leak detection system units can be configured for the requisite number of zones required. The unit illustrated on the right is a GWD 8. The cabinet is wall mounting and water sensors are connected via leader cables that run from the cabinet to the area requiring protection. A range of water sensor are available including probes, pads and cable. The GWD system operates from a standard single phase supply and can be supported with an optional battery backup for 10 hours. Adjustment pots are provided for each zone to enable on-site adjustment of detection sensitivity. There are three levels of indication for each zone, green – “line healthy”, red – “line fault” and flashing red – “water detected”. There is also an additional lamp to indicate a mains failure.

GWD series Water leak detection system. leakage detection.

When incorporated with the Aqualeak sensor cable, it is possible to protect large areas. The standard configuration is to run a length of connection cable to a junction box that is positioned at the start of the area to be protected. The sensor cable is plugged in and permanently maneuverer into any required shape, then fixed in position using cable clips. The GWD also benefits from having a line monitoring facility that will trigger an alarm should anything happen to the connections and/or cables.

Indications of GWD Water leak Detection System

GWD series water leakage detection system panel has following LED indications:

  • Line Monitoring (one per zone) – At the end of the sensing cable or connected in the sensing probe is a diode. The GWD water leak detection system continuously monitors the diode to ensure that there hasn’t been any disconnection or damage to the cabling. When all is OK the LED is green, if a fault occurs, this changes to red.
  • Alarm Lamp (one per zone) – This LED will flash red if a water leak is detected.
  • System Live – A green LED will be illuminated to show that the GWD leakage detection panel has power to it.
  • Lamp Test – This button is used to ensure that the system LEDs are all OK. A sequence is initiated when the button is pressed that will illuminate each LED to verify it’s functionality.
  • Mains Fault – This LED will come on in the event of the power being taken away from the GWD (this feature requires a battery back-up).
  • Mute Button – Press this button when the GWD water leak detection system has gone into alarm (line fault or leak detected) to silence the buzzer (the LED will remain illuminated).

 Inside the GWD Water Leak Detection system.

Please find below picture of inside view of GWD water leakage detection system.

inside a GWD water leakage detection system.

Inside GWD water leak detection system has following terminals:

  • Sensor Terminals – PCB board will have one sensor terminal pair per zone. hence number of sensor terminal pair will be equal to number of zones for which GWD panel designed for. Different types of water sensor can be connected with panel.
  • Relay output – The System is provided with two ‘Common Alarm’ no-volt changeover relays, which operate on water being detected by any zone. These can be linked to an Aqualeak Remote Repeater, the Aqualeak Autodial Unit, or be linked into a Building Management System. It can also be used to shut water supplies off via matched solenoid valves or switch on sump pumps/drainage systems.
  • Zone Relay output – The GWD System can also be supplied with optional individual zone relays which provide appropriate zone alarms via individual no-volt changeover when Water Detection Sensor detects leak.
  • Main Power Terminal – To connect mains power supply. GWD water leakage detection panel required 220V, 50Hz, 1ph supply.
  • Battery Terminal – GWD series water leak detection system provided with battery. During normal working condition when mains power supply available battery will charge and in absence of mains power supply, battery will supply power to panel.

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