Wireless leak detection

Water leak detection systems are crucial for any industrial, commercial or residential structures. Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to water damages. An efficient wireless leak detection system can help avoid such financial and critical loses for Businesses. 

For some applications, using wireless water leak detection can prove extremely efficient in certain cases.

Water leak solution for Etisalat and Du telecom rooms

Types of Wireless leak system.

Wireless Leak detection systems can be broadly classified into two different parts.

How Wireless system works.

A wireless leak detection system consists of a spot detector, a type of sensor that detects the water leak at a specific spot. This Spot detector is connected to the wireless control panel via a leading cable. The spot detector uses multiple ways of sensing the water leak, including Measuring change in the refractive index of the surface, optical sensors, or electronic sensors that trigger an alarm on contact with the water. 

Once the water touches the sensor, and the alarm is triggered, a wireless water detection panel generates a notification. This notification can be sent to LCD or LED displays, Web interface, BMS systems, or any other notification method you wish.

The best part of the Wireless Water leak detection system is that you can get a notification about leaks wherever you are, reducing the response time.

Distance leak detection panels.


The wiNG-LD wireless sensor is a revolutionary leak detection system that can be connected with SD-Z or SD-Z1 spot detectors to monitor and prevent water leak in any facility. With the unmatched battery life of 12 years, these sensors can prove to be game-changer in the segment. They are extremely compact and easy to install. 

Features of WiNG-LD:

  1. Can work with SD-Z, SD-Z1 spot detectors and 100 feet sensing cable
  2. Stunning transmission range between sensor and manager: 100 feet trough multiple walls, 270 feet through a single wall, 600 feet in direct line of sight
  3. Industry-leading battery life: Up to 5 years at -25ᴼC to 85ᴼC  , Up to 8 years at 50ᴼC, Up to 12 years at room temperature.
  4. It can support up to 250 sensors on a single manager, and these numbers can be further increased up to 400 sensors with range extenders.

 F200 (RLE)

F200 is an innovative and game-changing product that offers leak detection and facility monitoring on the go. With its latest technology, it helps you prevent any major disaster. 

Features of F200:

  1. It comes with four sensor inputs. So have a choice whether to deploy a temperature sensor or a combination of temperature and humidity sensors.
  2. It can come with a single-zone leak detection facility 
  3. 8 Digital inputs offer a great choice for monitoring various parameters.
  4. It has one relay output that triggers in case of leakage. It can be used to stop the flow of water when the leak is detected.
  5. It is easy to install and operate; all you have to do is plug and play.


It is a six input enabled zone leak detector and also can be configured as a remote alarm annunciator. It is capable of generating leaks as well as cable break alarms. LDRA6 is compatible with SeaHawk sensing cables SeaHawk SD-Z & SD-Z1 spot detectors, making it ideal for water or any other conductive liquid detection. 

Features of LDRA6 zone detector:

  1. It can accommodate six zones within 1000 feet of sensing cable or multiple spot detectors. 
  2. It can also act as an alarm annunciator, and relays can be connected to it. 
  3. With the Modbus feature of LDRA6, it can communicate with other Modbus compatible devices easily.

GWD (Aqualeak)

This multi-zone water leak detection system is designed to detect a water leak in various sensitive areas like data centres, plant rooms, and server rooms.  It comes in two versions; one can monitor four zones, the other can monitor eight zones. It can work with wide-ranging sensors, including leak sensor cables and probes. When the system detects a water leak, it triggers the alarm of the corresponding zone, making it easy to identify the location of the leak.

Features of GWD:

  1. It is a multi-zone detection system and comes with 4 and 8 zone detection capabilities. 
  2. Output relays can be connected with GWD for integration with BMS to control various parameters. 

Aquatek 4 (aqualeak)

Aquatek 4 is a basic water leak detection system that comes with a 4 zone detection capacity. It uses a 12V DC high impedance field sensing signal to detect the presence of water. Site conditions are different forever in every industry, so Aquatek 4 comes with the sensitivity setting for each zone. It operates on AC mains or from a constant low voltage control power supply. The notification method is flashlight and horn.

Features of Aquatek 4:

  1. It can work with any of our sensors like Sensing cables, probe sensors, or sensing pads. 
  2. It comes in a robust plastic box that can be IP protected if needed. 
  3. The maximum linear cable sensor’s distance for Aquatek4 is 30metres.

LD310 (RLE)

LD210 from SeaHawk is a single zone leak detection system that is capable of monitoring 300 feet of a sensing cable. It is compatible with all our sensing cables and probe sensors. This system comes with multiple output options like Audio alarm, visual LED, and Fault & Leak relays. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of them. It is a perfect choice for small areas like pumps, waterers, chillers, and air-conditioning sytem.

Features of LD310:

  1. It is a single zone leak detection system, capable of sensing water along the 300 feet sensing cable. 
  2. It is suitable for small systems.

EMS Aqualeak

EMS Aqualeak is a revolutionary water leak detection and prevention solution for various commercial and residential buildings. The EMS comes with multiple versions, including a 5 zone, ten zones, and a multi-zone water leak detection system. This can monitor upto 625 zones simultaneously. It is cost-effective, efficient, and portable, so it can be utilized to detect a water leak in multiple areas.

Using EMS, each zone can be configured independently, as per various conditions of the zone. EMS is fully addressable and can be programmed for site-specific locations.

Features of EMS :

  1. It comes with varied functionality and applications.
  2. Relays and other secondary actions can be performed using the EMS system.
  3. Simple ans easy to understand status reporting
  4. Easy diagnostic of the system using a wide range of data. 
  5. Capable of triggering audio-visual alarms and other actions like activating relays.

In short, it is a perfect water leak detection system for commercial and residential buildings.