When there is a need for detecting water leak at a specific location or point, probe sensors or point sensors are a perfect choice. As these sensors come with a robust casing, they are used in the location where the environment is dangerous; there is a risk of sensor getting damaged. 

Point Sensors:

Water leak detection Point sensors are used to detect water leak at a specific location where there is a possibility of water getting accumulated. For e.g.,  at certain pipe joints, a drainage system and other similar locations. They can also be used to measure and control the water level in certain areas.

Probe Sensors:

Probe sensors are a single point monitoring sensors and are connected in the series to cover multiple places using a single Leak detection controller. As the name suggests, they have extended probes or electrodes that extend towards the ground.  The height of the probe sensor can be adjusted as per the needs. They are generally located on the bunded floor.

Point and probe sensor for water leak detection system

Importance of Point and Probe Sensors in a Water Leak detection system

Point and Probe sensors are critical for any Water leak detection system. There are certain places in an industrial, residential or commercial setup where there is a high probability of water leakage at a specific point. 

There are certain places in the Industrial and Residential Complexes where piping is installed to carry either hot or cold water. Due to the regular flow of water, corrosion, climatic conditions and weathering, these pipes corrode. At some stage, water will start leaking from the specific joints in these pipes. So it becomes important to prevent any major water leak at these points.  So it becomes critical to a water leak detection system.

There is no meaning of installing a sensor cable along the whole surface as the whole surface is not susceptible to the leak. Point and Probe sensors can detect the water leak at the specified point and help prevent the further leakage of the water. This can help avoid any catastrophic disasters and preserving millions of dollars. 

Potential points where the Probe and Point sensors can be used:


Hot water distribution network in industry and homes.

How Probe sensor and Point sensor work?

Probe sensors:

Probe sensors are designed to detect water leak at a specific point. This sensor comes with a sturdy casing and adjustable height. It has two electrodes or probes that carry small voltage. 

When water comes in contact with these probes, the detection controller raises the alarm, giving alert about a water leak. 

Point sensors:

Certain point sensors work on the basis of the refractive index. They come with a hollow bulb with an infrared light source. When the water level rises below this bulb, its refractive index changes and the sensors detect the water leak.

Advantages of probe sensor and point sensor.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of using Probe or Point level sensor in water leak detection system:

Features of sensor cable.

Now let’s take a look at the features of Sensor Cable:


Extremely easy to install


The structure is very compact, so it can be installed anywhere.


It comes with IP67 protection.


It is compatible with all the Digital Systems.

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