Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring System for Temperature & Humidity Monitoring:

Traditionally Environmental Monitoring (EM) is a device for humidity & Temperature Monitoring in Server room and Datacentre. It called commonly as Temperature and Humidity monitoring system. But now it is not limited to monitoring of temperature and humidity but also monitoring of various devices like UPS, Air conditioner, Access control, fire suppression systems etc. Hence it also called as Facility Monitoring System (FMS).

How it works?

Environmental monitoring system consist of monitoring panel with inputs (digital, analogue) & RJ45) ports & output (relay output). Humidity Sensor, Temperature sensor  and water leak detection sensors connected to this panel. Also digital or analogue signal from any devices which need to be monitor is connected to panel. Then it work as follow:

  • During installation of system we can sent threshold value of humidity and temperature that one prefer in sever room and datacentre with help of software. When temperature or humidity value crosses threshold value then Environmental Monitoring Panel will trigger temperature alert Alarm or Humidity alert alarm.  Alarm can in form of Audio, Visual, Email, SMS or voice call.
  • In case of fault signal from any connected device panel will trigger alarm.

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  •    Type of Monitoring Panel:  

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  •    Types of Sensors:

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       Application  of EM for Humidity & Temperature Monitoring

       EM can be use commonly in Sever room and Datacentre. Other than server room and datacentre applications of EM are as follow:

    • Food Industries: It is essential requirement in food industries to monitor and maintain certain humidity and temperature in factory, warehouses and storage areas.
    • Clean rooms: Clean room such as server room, laboratories require temp and humidity monitor devices.
    • Pharmaceutical Industries: Manufacturing and storage of most of drugs and medicine have to be done in specified temperature and humidity limit. Manufacturing facilities at least installed with temperature monitoring device.


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Environmental Monitoring and technologies evolved lot from last few years.  Most of EM program system also can give information over web hence it called as remote temperature humidity monitoring system or wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system.

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Type of Environmental Sensors:

There are many type of environmental sensors can be connected to EM system. List of some of the sensors as follow:

  • Temperature & Humidity sensors.
  • Gas detector sensors.
  • Water leak detection sensor.
  • Smoke Detector sensor.
  • AC voltage detector sensor
  • Air Flow sensor.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Door Contact sensors.

Accessories for Alerts and communications:

  • SMS Alarm Auto Dialler.
  • Telephone Auto Dialler or Automatic voice Dialler.
  • IP Camera.
  • Siren Alarm.
  • Beacon alarm.
  • USB modem for SMS.