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Water Leak Detection Solution for Server room and Data center by CtrlTech

Introduction to Water Leak Detection System: Investing in water leak detection devices makes a lot of sense for data center, given the very real risk water damage poses. Additional incentives include lower premiums that insurance companies offer when you set up water detection systems. Water – In the right place – is our most important […]

Review of AquaTraq single zone Water Leak Detection System.

Water Leak Detection system is a device which when installed in facility, will detect water leakage in that facility and inform the user by different types of alarm when water touches to sensor or comes in vicinity of sensor. CtrlTech offers wide range of leak detection system in UAE. They are exclusive distributor for Aqualeak […]

Review of Aqualeak GWD series Water leakage detection system.

inside a GWD water leakage detection system. 1024x771 1

The GWD range of multizone water leak detection systems are designed to monitor for water leakage in critical areas such as data centers and server rooms. Available in ranges between 2 and 128 zones, the GWD uses a variety of devices to monitor for leaks. On detection of a water leak with help of water […]