Accessories – oil leak detection

Oil leak detection plays a crucial role in specific industries. Giving an early warning about the oil leak can help prevent major economic and environmental disaster. These leak detection systems work in sync with certain accessories. 

 No leak detection system can work efficiently without certain accessories. Moreover, it is essential to choose the best-quality Oil leak detection accessories as any compromise in the quality might lead to undesirable outcomes. Ctrl Tech offers wide-ranging quality accessories for an oil leak detection system that can deliver accurate and precise results.

Accesorries for water leak detection system

Adhesive clips

For a sensing –cable-based Oil leak detection system, cables are spread flat along the area where the leak detection is necessary. These sensing cables lay flat on the surface. But to get the maximum efficiency, it is essential to keep them too close to the ground. For this, you need something that can hold these cables down to the earth. 

We provide top quality adhesive clips that are designed to hold the cable at flat to the surface. These quality adhesive clips are resistant to water and heat, so they don’t let go of the sensing and non-sensing cables from their position, ensuring accurate results.


Boxes are a device that is useful for either breaking up a detection circuit in two parts, connecting one analogue sense cable to the primary Bus wire from the Digital Panel. Some of these boxes might come with relays too.

Non-sensing cable (Leading cable)

These cables are used to extend the leader cable of a control panel box of a leak detection cable up to an area where there is a need of sensing cable. The primary use of these cables is to connect sensing cables in the area where sensing is not needed. 

CtrilTech’s non-sensing cables are designed to be sturdy, resists bending, avoid kinking and flexible. They lay flat on the ground, can withstand the mechanical strain and are abrasion-resistant. They make no impact on the results of oil leak sensor cables. Our cables are a perfect choice for the area where there is a need for Plenum rated and UL listed cables. Depending on the type of liquid that has to be detected, Sensing cables are of two types—one for Conductive fluids like water, and another for non-conductive fluid-like Oil. Make sure you chose the right one as the sensors in both the cables are different and cannot be used interchangeably.

Caution tag

Oil sensor cables are installed on the floor across the large area where the leak detection has to be performed. So it becomes mandatory to have some signs tha indicate the presence of the sensing and non-sensing cables lying there. Without these indications, it is possible that someone who is not aware of their presence might walk over it. This may reduce the effectiveness of the sensor cables, and if the pressure is more, the cable might break.

So we recommend fixing CtrlTech’s Caution Tags. These caution tags come in a bright colour, so they are easily visible even from a considerable distance. Our experts recommend installing these Cautions Tags at every 3 to 4 meters to ensure they are easily visible. These Caution Tags can drastically improve the life of your Sensing Cables by preventing any mechanical strain on them and reduce your maintenance expenses. 

End Terminal. (EOL)

It is not possible to attach the sensing cables directly to the Oil leak detection control panel. So, a Leader cable is necessary to connect the sensing cables to the Oil leak detection Control Panel. 

Here is where the End of Terminal (EOL) comes in. EOL is the device that is connected at the end of every sensing cable to complete the circuit of sensing cable. If an EOL is not connected to the Sensing Cable, the Leak detection panel will generate a cable break signal. 

You must ensure that you use quality EOLs as they are critical for the efficient mechanism of your Oil leak detection system.

CtrlTech offers top quality EOLs along with Leader cables for every Oil leak detection system.  Our EOLs are incredibly lightweight and can operate in between the temperature range of -10 to 60ᴼ C with the humidity of about 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing. 

Beacon Alarm (sounder)

Depending on the place where the oil leak detection system has been installed, the alarm methods differ. Beacon Alarm is one such method. 

Beacon alarms are a critical part of any leak detection sytem. It is a sound unit that produces high decibel loud sound when a leak is detected. Along with the sound, it also flashes a light to indicate the leak. It is perfectly suitable where there is manpower around the system who can hear it easily.

Generally, they are installed outside the area the is being protected using an oil leak detection system. Although these oil leak alarms are audible in the surrounding area of around 30 meters, the effective range depends on the type of Beacon alarm and the surrounding area. For e.g., in the noisy area, the range of any Beacon alarm will reduce drastically. 

These accessories include: