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Oil Leak detection System for generator room

Oil leak detection system for generator rooms with optical sensorGenerator rooms are a critical component of any industrial or residential complex. They provide uninterrupted power supply to the machinery and homes alike. As these generators use oil or fuel, it has to be pumped continuously in the generator. In longer duration, the oil corrodes the hose pipes, and the risk of oil leak skyrockets. Any minor spark can lead to a major fire in the pool of leaked oil, causing damage to lives and millions of dollars. 

Fortunately, this can be prevented by installing our world-class oil leak detection system for Generator rooms. These Oil leak detection systems are designed to sense even a minor oil leak in the pipeline, and once the leak is detected, they raise the alarm. 

Our Oil leak detection system comes with ultra-modern sensors, a detection panel, and superior after-sales services, which can help you protect your Generator rooms and save a lot of money with little investment.

Why oil leak detection system needed for the generator room?

It is not possible to keep a constant human-watch on the Generator room. It needs a lot of manpower and money in the form of salary. Instead, Oil leak detection system can come in handy. These systems are fully autonomous and need no supervision. Once the installation & commissioning is done, you won't have to worry about oil leaks. The sensors that we use are extremely sensitive, enabling them to detect minor oil leaks.

Oil leak systems are basically of two types:

Oil leak solution for generator rooms with optical sensor detector

Type of Sensor used in Generator-room oil leak detection system:

1. Sensing cable:

This cable has two conducting plates, separated by a rubber membrane, that carries electric current in small quantities. When the oil comes in contact with this cable, the membrane melts, and both conducting plates come in contact with each other. This results in a short-circuit, and an oil leak is detected. 

2. Optical sensor:

These sensors have a small optical bulb on the tip. When the oil comes in contact with the tip, the sensor raises the oil leak alarm, indicating an oil leak.

How CtrlTech offer an oil leak solution for the generator room?

We have vast experience in offering world-class Oil leak solutions for Generator rooms. Once you hire us, our engineers arrange a personal visit if necessary to your Generator room. Later they do an in-depth analysis of the Generator Room where the detection system has to be established. 

We perform this analysis to ensure that the system which we install functions with 100% efficiency. Unlike other firms that do the installations directly, we believe in being thorough. 

Later, our engineers design the whole system based on drawings and other technical data and submit the quotation. Once you approve the quote, our engineers visit your site for the installation process. Once the installation is done, our engineers commission the system and perform all the necessary tests to ensure our system's effectiveness. 

Our experts also offer the warranty and the quote for an annual maintenance contract to keep your system running without any hiccups.


FAQs about oil leak detection System for the generator room:

What are the benefits of water leak detection in Generator rooms?

Some of the benefits of using oil leak detector in diesel generator rooms are as follow:

  1. It avoids oil leakage and hence saves cost.
  2. By detecting oil leaks at an early stage, it avoids mishaps like fire.
  3. Use of oil leak detection kit saves workforce times by avoiding continuous supervision.
  4. Also, it reduces the downtime of diesel generators.

What causes oil leakage in the generator?

Oil leaks in the generator room can cause one of the following reason

  1. leakages in the fuel pipes.
  2. Due to the deterioration of oil gaskets.
  3. Faulty valves.
  4. Use of duplicate parts.
  5. Excessive vibration during the working of generator

Which are the cheapest oil leak detector for the Disele Generator room?

The cheapest oil detector is available in a standalone sensor that can generate an audible alarm for oil contact. It is available for AED 3000. However, it is not ideal for an unattended generator room with the generator's high noise. Hence, a system with a sensor and remote panel is always the right choice.

Which are the top-rated oil leak detection system for the generator room?

  1. OAX-2100 sensor along with Series 2100 panel by Oil alert.
  2. Aqualeak made Redeye 1 sensor with an Oilbug panel.
  3. FG-OD oil sense cable with FG-Net panel.
  4. Rope fuel sensor by A
  5. OSPW sensors with ODS panel by CMR Electrical.