Distance Read water Leakage Detection introduction.

A distance read water leakage detection system is designed to monitor, detect, and notify the exact water leak location. It is an ideal Water leakage detector for large spaces or long pipelines. The best part of this addressable water leak alarm is that its controllers are meant to pinpoint where the leakage occurred. It will help suppress the damage quotient and indicate the control team to take immediate action. It is compatible with probe and cable-type water leakage sensors. 
Here are some aspects of distance read water leak detection systems to give you a better insight into the practical details. These systems are eventually faster and more effective in notifying the right authorized people within a short period after the leak is detected. Follow this article till the end to learn more about how its works with high efficiency.
Distance read water leakage detection system.

How does the distance Read water leakage detection work?

The distance read leak detection systems are different from that of zone alarm type LD in terms of working. These systems are more accurate and have the potential to give out a clear indication to the control team in case of leakage. 
The distance read water leakage detector systems are dedicated devices that have the potential to establish continuous monitoring of the sensor cable and its continuity. With this effort it identifies the leakage right at the moment when the cable breaks or there is any contamination. 
The built-in module is meant for calculating the actual distance of the leak. Once done, it will check the distance over the cable reference map.
Apart from that, the system can also immediately locate the leakage by using the interactive map over the web interface of the water leak detection system.
Distance Read water leakage detection machines are meant for hidden areas where the leakage is impossible to identify visually. In such cases, the control teams expect the leak detection system to pinpoint the location accurately. Therefore, the use of distance read systems is ideal for the purpose. 
The role of the water leakage sensor is to trigger the alarms, and they do it when the sensor probes are touched by liquid. When it happens, the circuit completes, triggers a warning, and displays on the panel. The control room gets this alarm and will be prepared to attend to this leakage problem before it worsens. 
Meanwhile, we must protect the cable leakage detector from a coat of dust and dirt. If it happens, the water cable sensor probably raises false alarms. A non-conductive polymer is used for prevents its contamination. Therefore, the wire water leak sensor is also protected to maintain its durability and strength.  

Features of a locating water leakage detector machine.

For vast datacenter, it is essential to leak locating systems for quick water leakage repair. The features of distance-read water leakage detection systems can better explain how efficiently they detect accurate leakage locations. The features include:

Types of locating water leak panels. 

There are two types of distance read systems available for the industries to opt for, depending upon their needs and requirements. This differentiation is based on the length of water leakage tape it can monitor and the number of zones it can support. Here is a detailed explanation of each type of distance read system:

Single Zone water leak detection

It is a leak detection system that can show the exact location of the leak but in a single zone. Some popular single-zone distance read panels are RLE’s LD 1500 & 10k Panel. The industries for their sensitive spaces highly prefer them. The single-zone controller is meant for monitoring the leakage for a small area.

In case your facility is in a single, but large size, a single zone distance read system is ideal. Therefore, these floor water leak detectors are preferably used in museums, small data centers, clean rooms, and telecommunication centers. 

It is eventually higher than the zone detection controllers but less than multizone distance read systems. The single-zone water leak detection system would need an isolated power supply for operation. On successful operational installation, this system has the potential to detect a water leak or cable break in a particular zone. When used with right sensing cables, the detection response time is around 5-6 seconds with these types of distance read panels.

Multizone Distance Read Panel

This water leakage detection system can show the exact leak location over multiple zones. Also, it is the best leak detection technology available in the market. The water leak sensor cable can be divided into various zones from these panels. Thus, it helps to locate the exact leak location. Some standard multizone distance read panel systems used on priority include RLE’s LD 5200, LD 2100, and TTK’s FG-SYS, FG-NET, FG-ALS8 & FG-ALS4. These are some of the preferable systems as people usually take up multizone distance read panels over single zones to avail of maximum benefits. 

Suppose you have a facility with multiple rooms. And each room is big. In such a case, you not only need a locating type system, but you also need to specify different zone per room. In such a case, a multizone water leakage detector is most beneficial.

The best perk of multizone distance read panels is that they are meant for monitoring a long distance. Thus, it is the right leak detection system for the pipelines. It will help to locate a leak in the correct room or zone without losing time. The interface of the panels is made easy to use and understandable to ensure the protection of valuable assets within the industrial premises. 

The multizone distance read panel is meant for displaying and pinpointing the exact location of leakage on the interactive map. It helps the control team find the leak location quickly and easily. They will help monitor, locate, configure and acknowledge the accurate leakage points across various zones where the sensing cables are spread and connected to the panel. 

This water leakage detection helps seamlessly integrate with the BMS system for connecting the panel to a more extensive central monitoring system for better-enhanced tracking of the sensor cables and leakage alerts.

What are the advantages of the distance Read System?

Here are some of the advantages of a distance read system over a non-locating water leakage detector to help you understand its efficacy:

  • The distance read system is meant for monitoring larger spaces. In contrast, the simple zonal leak detection system monitors only a small contained area. 
  • The water leakage detection system shows the exact leak location. Hence, it saves manhours that can waste in finding it.
  • Along with open surfaces, it is also meant for areas under the cover where the sensing cables are not visible. Thus, it is suitable for compact places.
  • In contrast, simple zonal water detection sensors are meant only for accessible surfaces. 
  • The zone water leak detection alarm uses a combination of sensing cable and spot cable to detect the point of leaks. The distance read systems are meant to calculate and annunciate the accurate leak distance with the help of a leak sensor cable.
  • It is essential for the applications that need accurate pinpointing of the leakage. It will help the control team to reach on the spot immediately, which is not the case with simple zonal leak detection systems.

Where To use addressable water leakage detection?

Distance read systems are pretty expensive for the smaller industries to implement in their small areas or spaces. Therefore, it is mainly preferred for large & critical sites to protect and detect leak points that justify the high water leakage detector price. Some of the places where you can use distance read systems are:

 • Big data centers • Telecommunication units • Museums • Clean rooms, etc.

All places where the sensing cable needs to be placed under the surface require a distance read system to detect unwanted leakages.


RLE make LD 5200 water leakage detector system

LD5200 (RLE)

  • It monitors up to a distance of 10,000 feet.
  • It has the potential to send email alarm notifications.
  • It stores detailed alarm history for better reporting.
  • This water leakage detection system can be configured for monitoring up to 32 virtual zones. 
  • It has an LCD touch screen for clear indication and basic operations. It is best for the company that provides water leakage detection services.
TTK make FG-Net locating water leak detection system.


  • It can monitor up to 500 sense cables.
  • It can detect multiple leaks simultaneously.
  • This water leak detector comes with a touch screen interface. Also, with audio, visual, email alram.
  • Low maintenance hassle and enhanced product life.
  • Email alerts are enabled in it. It is ideal for small server room and pump room applications. Easy to install in all types of buildings and lift pith.
LD 2100 distance read controller for water leak detection.

LD 2100 (RLE)

  • It monitors up to 5000 feet of sensing cables. 
  • Web-based leak detection map is available.
  • Cable disconnects and breaks are also detected.
  • Email notifications are enabled for dire conditions. 
  • The alarm is highly audible for immediate response.
  • Easy integration with BMS. 
FG-ALS8 TTK water leak detection system


  • Pinpoint leakage location feature.
  • It can operate in eight independent zones.
  • It comes with a touch screen display.
  • It can detect eight types of leaks simultaneously.
  • JBUS or MODBUS integration is possible. 
  • It is work with cable water leakage detection sensors.
LD 1500 distace read leak detector

LD 1500 (RLE)

  • The monitoring distance is up to 1500 feet, sensing cables.
  • It has a web-based interface for viewing configuration and alarms within web browsers.
  • The alarm, delay, and leak sensitivity are adjustable within the system. 
  • It identifies cable contamination and breaks.
  • This panel is ideal for small water leakage detection projects.
FG-ALS4 four zone ttk water leakage detection panel


  • It can detect leakage in 4 different zones.
  • It can detect four leaks simultaneously.
  • It has a touch screen display for better clarity on information and configuration options. 
  • It is meant for both water and acid leak detection. 
  • It is an economic leak detection system.
  • Economical pricing.
FG-SYS TTK water leak detection kit


  • It has the potential to monitor up to 120 sense cable lengths.
  • It is possible to detect multiple leaks at the same time. 
  • It comes with nine relays.
  • TOP Surveillance is the dedicated software for monitoring leakage. 

There are also outdoor and wireless water leakage detection available. These are a few details that explain the potential of Distance Read Leak Detection Systems.

FAQs about distance read leakage detection.

Is there a tool to detect water leaks?

A water leak detection system is one of the tools to detect a leak very early. It consists of sensors connected to the alarm panel. When water comes in contact with these sensors, it generates a current single to inform the leak detection panel, activating audio, visual, SMS, and Email notifications.

Is there is a tool to detect water leaks?

What is the top-selling product within Water Leak Detectors?

The best distance read leak detection systems are as below:

  1. LD 5200 by RLE
  2. TTK make FG-NET
  3. Aqualeak 10K
  4. FG-SYS
  5. LD 2100
  6. FG-ALS8 & FG-ALS4
  7. LD 1500
  8. Liebert Liqui-tect
Where can the sensors be placed for accurate water leak identification?

Every site has leak-prone areas. Water leakage detection sensors should be near these areas. For example, in server rooms, water leak detectors are placed below the precision air conditioners or in drip trays of ACs. Trained experts can find out these points during site study or with the help of pumping drawings.

Is there a device to detect water leaks in walls?

A wall water leakage detector is an infrared camera that can help determine the leak’s location on the wall. It indicated areas on the wall with different colors according to their temperature. The leak surface has more moisture and, hence, cold, characterized by this meter’s dark blue color. It helps to find out at leak area on the wall.

Is there a device to detect water leaks in walls.?

What is a distance-read water leakage detection system?

The distance read detector system is also known as locating system. It is a water leak detection unit that can pinpoint the exact leak location along the cable water leak sensor’s length. This type of panel will show the distance at which a leak is detected on its LCD panel. Also, these controllers can integrate with the Building Management System (BMS).

What are the benefits of the distance read detector panel?

The most important advantage of this water leakage detector system is that it can notify the exact leak location. Thus, the maintenance team can take immediate action, reducing the severity of the damage. Also, it is very convenient to monitor large spaces. We can connect up to ten thousand feet long sensor cable. Users can program this system into several virtual zones.

What are the benefits of the distrance read detector panel?

What are the leak detection alarm types?

Single and multizone are two types of distance-read systems. A single-zone unit can cover only one space. Thus, it has a facility to connect only one sensor. In contrast, a multizone system can monitor several zones. A multizone water leak panel can be connected to multiple sensors, or a single water leak cable sensor can be virtually divided into several zones.

What are the application areas of the distance read controller?

This type of leak locator is suitable for following vast or critical spaces.

  1. Server rooms.
  2. Data centers.
  3. Water pipes lines.
  4. Critical warehouses
  5. Laboratories.
  6. Museums
  7. Archive rooms.
What is an addressable water leak detection system?

It is the same as that of the distance-read leak detection system. It can notify the exact leak point along the length of the rope water sensor. Also, it can be divided into several zones with the help of a software interface.

Water Leak Detection System Review.

Water Leak Detection System

A water leak detection system is a device that senses leakages at an early stage and informs the user via audio, visual, web, SMS, and Phone call. The three major components of this system are sensors, panels, and accessories. These water detectors have different types of central panels. Distance read or locating or pinpoint water leak detector device can notify the exact location of the leak. On the other hand, a zone-based system can only tell which zone leakages are found. Hence, users need to search the whole zone to locate the leak. 
A wireless water leakage detection system makes installation and relocation easy since the leak sensors are not connected to the panel physically. The sensors communicate with the water leak alarm console remotely. These systems make water leak repair very easy. So, whenever you are in an emergency, just search “water leak detection near me,” and you will get many vendors.
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A water leak alarm is a helpful device that can avoid heavy losses. It is available at a very reasonable cost. Thus, get in touch with water leak detection companies and install one.

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Water leakage is a significant issue faced by almost every building, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. Apart from damaging various components, a water leak can also destabilize a building’s structure by damaging its base. Millions of dollars are lost to the damages incurred by the water damages every year.

Such incidence may lead to a big disaster, leading to the loss of life and property. Hence, it is mandatory to have a robust and dependable water leak detection system that gives users early warning. These warnings can help prevent heavy losses to the users.

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