Zone Leak Detection

Zone Leak Detection systems are meant for detecting water leaks at select points using a particular sensor. The sensors are equipped with microcontrollers that have intelligent panels that make it easy for hanging upon the walls. 

They are primarily used around power distribution channels or some general areas where the leak detection is highly essential. Zone leak detection system consists of LCD indication for conveying the status. 

There are different types of Zone protection systems that indicates fault, water leak and health status of the system. The best detection systems are integrated to use AC as a sensing voltage which prevents the corroding of sensing cables over time. It protects the sensitivity of the cables. 

Different zone leak detection system types have different configurations. The latest ones now have remote monitoring systems with ideal configuration. There are trigger relays to set off the hooters for detection awareness.

Multi zone leak detection system GWD

Types Of Zone Leak System

There are two types of Zone Leak System, i.e. Single Zone Leak Panel & Multizone Distance Read Panel. Here is a brief description of both these types of giving you a clear idea of their functionality:

1. Single Zone Leak System:

2. Multizone Distance Read Panele

Multizone distance read panel serves the same purpose as that of the single zone leak system but is appropriate to detect leakage in more than one zone. It consists of several sensors that are connected to the control panels for supporting low-cost detection.

Some of the common types of multizone distance read panels are Aqualeak’s Aquatek 4, RLE’sLDRA6, EMS, GMD and others. The common thing in all these panels is that they allow multiple sensors to connect back to the control panel.

The multizone distance read leak detection panels function by interacting with leak detection zone networks. There are usually four networks that are four zones, eight zones, 16 zones and 32 zones. By using these networks, the panels can monitor on all zones.

Multizone Distance Read Panele

Moreover, these multizone panels consist of output relays for connecting the remote BMS and alarm system. There are LEDs to give a clear indication of the alarm and status information. These panels are used for multiple applications such as:

Water leak detection  • Liquid detection  • Oil leak detection                  • Humidity detection  • Temperature detection  • Refrigerant leak detection

The capacity of the multizone distance read panels is of handling detection of 4,8, 16 or 32 zones. The control panel dimensions vary for all these capacity types. It has sensors to monitor leakage and system faults. Moreover, it has an audible alarm, flashing LEDs and remote access to reset them.

How Zone System Works?

The zone system works whether in a single zone or multizone based upon the system you have picked for your needs. The main purpose of these systems is to detect the leakage or presence of water in the expensive industrial equipment, materials or information. 

Most of the zone leak detections systems have the potential to integrate with different detection devices such as probes or sensor cables based upon the type you have chosen. The working methodology for the zone leakage detection system is quite simple and predictable. 

When the leakage system detects water or liquid content in the zone, the sensor sets off the alarm status and a buzzing sound is produced.

The LED over the panel illuminates to specify the zone where the leakage has occurred. It is only possible if it is a multizone distance read system because, in a single zone leak detection system, you already know where the leakage is. 

Unlike a single zone system, if it is a multizone distance read system, then you will get to know the exact location of the leakage to take immediate actions as relay triggers alert to BMS.

Some of the applications where multizone leakage detection systems are highly preferred include communication rooms, archive rooms, electrical switch rooms, computer rooms, plant rooms, data centres, boiler houses and others. 

Features Of Zone Detection

There are some intuitive features embedded in Zone leakage detection systems. These features explain the true potential of these detection units that are meant for serving their destined purpose. Some of the features include:

Single Zone Leakage Detection Systems:

  • Water leakage detection systems are meant for both residential and commercial applications. 
  • An audio-visual alarm is engaged in case of leakage detection.
  • A relay is used for triggering the signal to BMS. 
  • It is possible to connect these panels to sensor probes, pads or cables. 
  • Multizone leakage detection systems are enabled with distance monitoring. 

Multizone Leakage Detection Systems:

  • Monitoring is done for multiple zones through one system.
  • Audio-visual alarm along with LED display is initiated in case of leakage to determine the exact location of it. 
  • Multiple monitoring of zones can be enabled. 
  • It can be connected with additional relays for additional functionality specified for select zones. 
  • Modern multizone leakage detection systems come with a touch screen display for giving clearer alert message and status. 

What Are Advantages Of Zone System?

The multizone distance read system enables the residential or commercial premises to be ensured about being able to monitor multiple zones for water leakage at the same time. Some of the benefits of using such zone systems are:

Distance Leak Detection Panels

AquaTraq (Aqualeak)

  • It supports identifying and suppressing water leakage in the most sensitive areas.
  • It is mostly used to get alarms for leakage around expensive equipment or data centres. 
  • An audio-visual alarm is triggered on detection of leakage. 
  • Automatic SMS is also set by the system.
  • Enables auto water shutoff feature.
  • It can monitor water leakage up to 100m distance from the panel. 

F200 (RLE)

  • It has four sensor inputs for different detections.
  • It consists of 8 digital inputs for enhancing monitoring possibilities. 
  • It also helps in keeping a log of the alarms that are set off. 
  • It is just plug & play that makes it easy to install.

AquaTek (Aqualeak)

  • It is an entry-level water leakage detection system.
  • It is designed for residential & commercial applications. 
  • It is liable to be connected with sensor pads, probes and cables.
  • It can support distance monitoring of up to 30 meters from the panel. 


  • It can monitor up to 305 meters with leak detection sensing cables. 
  • It comes with adjustable leak thresholds for tuning the system.
  • It comes with LED indication system and audible alarms. 
  • It requires one leader cable for each leak detection zone connected to the panel. 

GWD (Aqualeak)

  • GWD detection system is used in sensitive areas. 
  • It is meant for monitoring up to 8 zones. 
  • The panel shows you the exact zone where the leakage has occurred once the alarm is set off. 
  • It can easily connect to sensor cables, pads and probes. 
  • It has an auto water shutoff feature in case of leakage detection.

Aquatek 4 (aqualeak)

  • It is a compact and entry-level leak detection sensor.
  • It can monitor up to 4 different zones up to 30 meters distance from the panel. 
  • Respective zone detection is available in this system.
  • It can enable automatic water shutoff in case of water leakage detection.

LD310 (RLE)

  • It comes with audible alarm and visible LED
  • It gives outputs for leak & fault relays.
  • It detects leakage of up to 91 meters. 
  • C output relays integrated for fault or leak alarms.

EMS Aqualeak

  • It is a modern multizone water leakage detection system with a touch screen panel.
  • It is available in 5-zone, 10-zone & multizone configurations. 
  • It can be expanded to monitor up to 625 zones. 
  • It is mostly preferred for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. 
  • It consists of a master panel and outstations. 
  • You can get live, real-time data on the GUI. 

Now, you must be aware of the perks of high-quality zone detection systems to help save your sensitive equipment and data.

FAQs about zone leak detection:

What is a single zone water leak detection system?

A single zone water leak detector can monitor only one area. It has a facility to connect only one sensor. This system can be of addressable or non-addressable type. It is suitable for small spaces.

What is a multi-zone water leak detector?

A multi-zone water leak detection system can connect to multiple sensors. Thus, it can detect a water leak in many areas at the same time. It is ideal for large Datacenter and server rooms. Some of the units has the facility to connect only one sensor cable, but it can be programmed into the various zone.

Where are single-zone leak controllers used?

  1. Small server rooms.
  2. Pump rooms
  3. Lift pitch or Elevator pitch
  4. Below kitchen sink.
  5. Laundry rooms.

Suggest some of the zone leak detection system?

  1. AquaTraq (Aqualeak)
  2. F200 (RLE)
  3. AquaTek (Aqualeak)
  4. LDRA6 (RLE)
  5. GWD (Aqualeak)
  6. Aquatek 4 (Aqualeak)
  7.  LD310 (RLE)
  8. EMS Aqualeak