What is the oil leak detection system?

Due to the explosive nature of hydrocarbon oils, installing an oil leak detection system is crucial. An oil leakage detection kit is a setup of various sensors, cables, detectors, and circuits that notify of any leak. And when it comes to the oil pipelines, monitoring even minor dripping is very important for safety. Suppose there is even a little oil leakage from the fuel tank or pipe, and the oil detection system activates an alarm, alerting the user about the leakage. Diesel fuel tanks are often installed along with the power generators. Thus it must have oil tank leak detection.
A pipeline leak detection system is now available to monitor hundreds of kilometers of installation. Hence, read this article thoroughly to learn about components, working, advantages, and applications of oil pipeline leak detection. We will offer you a complete solution from the design to the commissioning of the oil leak detectors. CtrlTech is a reputed leak detection company in the UAE.
Oil Leak detection system for Generator fuel tank and pipelines.

Why need an oil leak detection kit?

Every year, billions of dollars worth of oil get wasted due to leakage all over the globe. This leakage impacts the environment adversely and poses a significant threat to the people and property. The leaked oil might catch fire or explode, leading to the devastation of men & material alike. Hence, an efficient oil leak detection alarm should be an intrinsic component of the fuel distribution and storage system.
Leaks from the oil container in the ships cause financial losses, marine life, and the environment. Recent incidents show that even a tiny leak can cause a devastating accident. An oil leak sensor can quickly inform unwanted dripping to stop a vast catastrophe. 
The primary reason for oil leaks is corrosion. As the oil keeps flowing continuously through the pipeline, it will erode the tanks and pipes slowly. It leads to leakage in the majority of the cases. Other reasons include misaligned pipes, mechanical shocks to the pipeline, and other miscellaneous factors. Also, the leakages are almost the same in the generator fuel storage tank. 
Although these factors will always persist, a redundant oil leak detector system can significantly reduce the losses and adverse effects of the leak. 

Components of an oil leak detection system.

A robust oil leak detection kit should have highly efficient components. Primarily, it includes a fuel leak detection system, fuel leak sensors, and accessories. The efficiency of such a system depends on the quality of the individual components. CtrlTech uses top-notch material to offer our clients the best sensing and detection services. Our sole goal is to protect users’ assets by delivering the best service.

Oil leak detection alarm. 

It is the heart of any liquid leak detector. It takes the signal from the sensor, processes it, and generates notifications by audio, visual, email, and SMS. Leak panels are used to locate the region of the leak. Some panels can notify the exact location of the leak and others the defined zone. Based on it, there are two types of leak detection panels; a Zone and Addressable detection. One can use any oil leak detection system depending on the application and industry requirements.

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Addressiable oil and gas pipeline leak detection system,

Addressable fuel leak detection panel. (Distance read).

This oil leak detection system marks the precise location of the oil leakage in the generator tank and pipelines. This system uses a fuel oil leak detection cable only. Spot or probe type of fuel detection sensor is not compatible with it.
The current continuously flows through two terminal wires of the sensing cables. When there is a leak, the oil comes in contact with the leaked cable; it shorts two conducting terminals, and oil leakage gets detected. Moreover, the distance read oil detection panel calculates the short circuit’s exact location and pinpoints the precise location of the oil leakage. It is costlier than the Zone-based system and can monitor the longer leak wire.

Zone oil leak detection  (Nonlocating panel).

Unlike the locating oil leakage detection panel, this system detects a zone or an area where the oil leakage occurs. This system comes in two variants; one is single-zone detection, where there is only one terminal connected to the sensor. It is ideal for small areas like the oil trench around the tank.

 A multi-zone leak detection system also has multiple terminals connected with the sensor. These multi-zone leak detection panels can be used when a large area with different sections. It is used in fuel oil tanks park, fuel feed pipelines, boiler houses, & plant rooms. Also, we can connect Zone-based systems with wire, probe, pot, or point oil leak detection sensors. It is the most cost-effective solution.

Zone oil pipeline leak detection system.

Oil leak sensor.

Oil leak sensors employ different detection methods to sense and raise the alarm regarding the oil leak. Either sensing cable or Spot detector can be used for the system, depending on what are the industry requirements.

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Digital oil leak detection cable sensor.

Digital oil leak detection cable.

Oil leak detection system needs top-quality sensing cables that are non-responsive to moisture and are reusable. Amongst all, cable fuel sensors possess the highest probability of leakage detection. These oil leakage sensor wires are susceptible to Hydrocarbon and can detect even a minor oil spill. These cables consist of multiple conductor plates. The current flows in these conductors continuously. When the oil comes in contact with these cables, the circuit is shorted, and the alarm is triggered. Due to digital leak addressing, it can sense multiple leaks and the distance of these leaks simultaneously.

Spot oil leak detector.

As the name suggests, these oil detection sensors sense the leakage at any particular point. It is not congenial with a distance measuring oil leak detection kit. Probe sensors have two open terminals facing toward the ground. There is a facility to adjust the height of the terminal from the bottom to increase or decrease sensitivity. Oil leakage will only get detected when leaked oil comes under this probe and touches its terminals. Ans, when these Hydrocarbon sensitive terminals contact the oil, the circuit completes, triggering an alarm in the system.

Probe or spot fuel detection sensor..

Accessories of oil leak detectors. 

Installation and commissioning of oil leak detection units need many accessories other than a panel and sensors. These accessories include some item that helps fix and some to enhance system features. 

An oil leak detection kit is supplied with adhesive clips, name tags, leader cable, screws to mount panel, power adaptor, etc. As an option, users can buy additional items like an SMS kit, IP65 encloser box, and POE box.