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We Control Technologies FZE (CtrlTech) is based at SAIF Zone Sharjah and serving all countries in Middle East. We offer Power, Cooling and Monitoring solution for Datacentre. As part of monitoring solution we offer water leak detection system & Environmental Monitoring system for server rooms, Data centre, Telecommunication room and other critical applications. Server room or Datacentre which installed with chilled water type Precision air conditioner, It is recommended to have water leak detection system at least below Precision air conditioner and under chilled water, water & drainage pipe. Temperature and humidity in server room should be within permissible  limits specified by IT equipment manufactures. Hence controlling and monitoring of temperature and humidity in server room is very important. Environmental Monitoring system do temperature monitoring and humidity monitoring and send alerts to user in case it cross set threshold limits. 

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       Vision Statement:

       Ctrltech want to be global total Solution & service provider for:

    • Power Supply, Distribution, Protection & Conditioning equipment required between power grid and computer chip.

    • Leading Green Dehumidification Solution Provider.

    • Designing of Green Data centre.

    • Infrastructure building for Tier 4 Data Center which includes Power, cooling & monitoring.


       Mission Statement:

       To provide one-stop green Solution & Services of Power, Cooling, Monitoring &   

       Dehumidification for critical application with Quality & Reliability to achieve high 

       uptime through atisfied, trained work force. 


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